Grape Street: Basement Sneak Peek

Since we aren't going to be doing much in the basement, I figured that giving a sneak peek into the progress would be fun. LB got a wild hair and moved the couches while I was babysitting on Saturday night. He also moved the guest bed and we've been staying down here ever since Saturday. My plan for this room is to get an old wooden ladder for blanket storage (I'd like it to be old and thrifty cheap.) I also want to get some pictures on the wall by the window and the L part of the couch. That's about it. 20140121-143947.jpg

Here is a picture of SKIP!!! Just kidding, I was trying to get a shot of the living room hallway down to the guest room. I will get a more complete rendition of the basement this weekend after we get all moved in. Moving day is Thursday!