Grape Street: Cabinets and Tile

The good, the bad, and the straight up ugly from last nights projects. These are the cabinets before and after a round of primer on the fronts (check below for my thoughts on the primer). Also you can click this tag to continue following up on my cabinet painting processes. 20140115-114137.jpg

Soooo, there's a hole in my kitchen. See where LB pulled the cabinet away from the tile wall as well as the stove. Well all that tile is coming down as well as the drywall behind it. According to my research, the only way to properly retile is to use cement board not drywall. So we have started chipping away the tile as well as the drywall and the hole is basically the size of that wall of tile. Also, there was no insulation behind there in the wall so we are off to figure out what kind of insulation we should put behind the stove (if any).


ALSO, did you see the little miracle that is the gas line down there!??? AMAZING and totally what I want for Christmas next year... a new gas stove... from Sears scratch and dent please.

Other good news: The master bedroom is painted. We went with Grey Horse from Benjamin Moore and this is the color after one coat. The second went up last night so I'll have more pictures this weekend.


Also in the name of positive progress regarding the cabinet painting, we used this Zinsser's smart prime and I gotta tell ya, I was worried. When I first took the lid off of the can it was basically water with chunks in it. I stirred and stirred. Put the lid back on and shook it for 5 (!!!) minutes. Then it was better but not compeltely chunkless by the time I used it. It seems to prime literally anything though and stuck to the cabinets like white on ... well cabinets.

**Primer Update: I went back to my favorite paint store and mentioned the primer debacle. They, of course, instantly told me that it must have gotten frozen in transit to their store and that I should bring it back immediately so they could swap it out. Awesome. When I went back, they were out of non-frozen primer, but I got zinsser's 1-2-3 bullseye primer instead. The best part (heavy sarcasm)? I got to re-prime all of my cabinets... as in do them again... over again.


I used a 2 inch angled brush to brush the primer on around the door frames and then used a small roller to roll out the flat spots. I then rebrushed out any chunks/drips. The cabinets appear to have dried really well.

And for the last bit of pretty news. I got this rug ordered from Wayfair for $155... FOR A 8 X 11 RUG in navy blue! I can't even beging to explain what a great deal that is.