Lyla's Room

The one thing that I remember out of the countless places I lived when I was but a wee lad, was when I had a Rainbow Bright (TM) bedroom. We're talking curtains AND a poster. Maybe the curtains were Strawberry Shortcake, but there was definitely Rainbow Bright (TM) up in there. It felt SO special to have a room with things that I liked in it. Then I went through a Marvin the Martian phase (Lord only knows) and shit got green and weird there for a while. I was a child of the 80s... I have no other excuses.

So when I think about making a room feel special for my little girl, I think that staying away from Marvin for now might be as good a starting point as any.

Lyla's room in the new house will sort of be "Lyla's Room 2.0", because it is. LOL. I loved her first nursery. That crown moulding, the gorgeous Black Pepper Paint, that white accent wall to brighten the room up. I freaking loved it.

But I love her new room just as much. (Maybe because everything in it but the paint and walls generally is identical you dweeb).

Lyla's Room 2.0 has those blackout curtains and a blackout roller shade- girl goes to bed at like 6:30 every night and likes her damn sleep. We like the wind-down time. It's a win win. Beyond that, everything is the same in here essentially. I was inspired by this noodle & boo picture that I found on the good ol interwebs to create the new wall color scheme in her room. It gives me hope that perhaps we can transition her room into her old age (of like 9 or 10) without having to repaint. Swap out art and accessories and call it a day. Deal, Lyla? Deal!

Around the corner from the doorway to the left is her closet and eventually, I will do something interesting in there. Cause the storage in that thing sucks.

The real highlight in this room is obviously that white wall with the pink dots. They are just so happy! And they are decals! They've never fallen off! It's a miracle! (No one thought for even two seconds that you painted those Treana.) The scale of her pre-existing starbust mirror on this wall is a tad small and I'd like to upgrade to a larger, more modern mirror in there eventually. But hanging that over her crib gives me the creeps. So it stays.

And here is a shot of all our stalking equipment and her loud AF sound machine.

We still love her gray rocking chair... even though it and that rug have been puked on more than a floor at a bar in Cabo on spring break. It's foul, but my kid has become the "gagger." The instant she gets a slight tickle from a cough... she loses everything in her stomach. It's pleasant.

The only thing new in art terms is that giraffe picture-- a Homegoods score.

Well, well, well. If it ain't little Ms. Puker herself. Wait. Maybe she is just prepping for her own Marvin the Martian days. Damnit all.

Baby Bennett's Nursery Sneak Peek and A Discount!

While this is not a full reveal per se, I wanted to give you all the progress shots. We are going to be continually evolving on her gallery wall, as well as her shelves I am sure, but this is where we are stepping away and saying, "her nursery is done!" And it feels so good. This is the view from the door.

arrow: Michael's

poster: Mumford & Sons Concert

camera: wooden toy gifted by our two photographer friends

laundry basket: Ross

cloth diaper pail (aka, trash can): Costco

blue cart: Ikea

dresser: Honest Company

glider: Hayneedles

flower light: Ikea

bike print, little bitty pretty one, and the sky's the limit prints: Etsy

metal L: Pottery Barn

bedding and changing pad cover: Caden Lane

rug: Kohl's

pouf: Andiexs

fox bin: Amazon

wall color: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

Bad ass light from Restoration Hardware.


This is from the wall looking right. Her bigger/more important books are on the shelves, along with a piggy bank from Auntie Katie Meyer, moccasins from Auntie Sam, and a sound machine from Uncle Amazon. :) The garland was from the baby shower and I love that I am re-purposing it in here. Oh, and her crib is from her Nana Mary and is also from the Honest Company. More on the crib later...

Because her co-sleeper is still being stored in her crib. Getting in and out of bed is tough enough for me at this stage and so we are going to wait until she's on her way home to put up the co-sleeper.

In the meantime, back to this pouf! I searched. And searched. And searched. For a pouf that was the right vibe, but also price. The one from Restoration Hardware would have come in at around $200 and momma ain't no fool. I luckily was able to connect with Andie on Etsy who sent me this gorgeousness shown below.


The scale is perfect, the quality is top notch and it is comfortable for toe and bottom resting equally. And now she is offering you all a discount for a pouf of your very own! Just go to her shop and enter the code ANDIE4BENNETT10 at checkout for 10% off of your entire order!


And now this is her room from the other side looking back towards the door.


bookshelves: Babyletto

cat: Jellycat

starburst mirror: Target

peacock bin: Amazon

Inside her closets are our container store Elfa systems and a WHOLE BUNCH OF CLOTHES from friends. I got some size dividers (0-3 months, 3-6 months, and so on) and hung up most of her bulky winter stuff. My favorite part of this closet set up are those pull out birch wood shelves you see below. They currently store toys on the bottom one and socks and shoes on the top.


So there you have it. A peek into her room as it sits currently. We still need to get a mobile and continue working on the gallery wall over her crib, but we feel pretty great about where it is currently.

What's your favorite part?

Don't forget to score your discount and get that pouf in time for Christmas. Head here to shop and enter the code ANDIE4BENNETT10 at checkout for 10% off of your entire order!