28 Weeks: Welcome to the Third Trimester

Thank goodness. How I’m Feeling: Uncomfortable. She is a crazy little rolly-worm and just this morning woke me up at about 4 am (hence me being able to write this post). The heartburn is kicking my butt again, but I am sticking to my 2 tums a day limit. Interestingly, when my stomach got super upset on Friday, I didn't take my prenatals and Saturday was heartburn free.... I am testing it out again today to see if there is a correlation. I am not sure what I am going to do with said correlation because I am going to keep taking my prenatals, but it would be nice to know the source is something besides you have a 2.5 pound, 15 inch long baby girl in there.

Belly/Weight: I am not sure what my weight change has been in the last 3-4 weeks, but the belly is getting bigger. LB says my belly just looks tight... well yeah. It is.

Life Changes: I am done traveling until this baby comes! Yay. This last trip to Aspen really wiped me out... it is just such a long car ride for me. Once I realized that in August I was in Chicago, Salida, and Aspen, I realized why I was done traveling for a bit. (Traveling mommas, I dont know how you do it!)

Purchases/Nursery Decisions? Hold on to your hats folks cause we've made a bunch of nursery decisions since getting her room painted (well, one wall of it, but it's painted! Post coming on that... maybe soon?). I've finally landed on a bedding choice for the little miss... the bumper shown below is going to be a crib rail instead of a bumper because bumpers are no-no's I've been told. Regardless, the look is the same. For backup sheets we are doing cheaper white and pink versions that we also added to our registry.



An interjection about registries for babies-- I freaking love mine and use it as an organizational tool. As soon as I would read something that recommended a certain product or book or car seat or whathaveyou, I would add it to the registry as part of a running "I don't want to forget about this thing" sort of deal. I have spent HOURS tweaking, deleting, and purchasing items from the registry to the point that it truly represents what we want. If you want to see an example of such a registry, here is ours. Also, it's just fun to registry stalk other people.

I have also decided that she needs a pouf in either this aqua or this black and white to go with her gray rocker.

pouf 1pouf 2


The pouf indecision rises out of the rug indecision. I feel like we could go any which way with rugs which is why my Baby B 2015 Pinterest board looks like I have some sort of tribe of babies coming who all like different colored rugs. If I go black and white pouf, I think a soft teal rug would be great. If I go teal pouf, then I think a gray rug would be dandy.

gray rugteal rug

I could do a pink pouf with a black and white rug? A pink rug with the black and white pouf?

pink rug

I just don't know... I also am open to any and all suggestions here!

We also bought her car seat since Target had them for $40 off and these suckers appear to NEVER go on sale.

car seat

I also got some post-birth stuff like a belly band and other momma care items. The thing I was most excited about though was finding these beauties at Little Unicorn. I got her a quilt, a lovey and a pretty swaddle. My plan with the poppy quilt is to use it for her newborn photos with Angie, but also for her weekly pictures after that... and some obviously living room snuggling. I am just in LOVE with this pattern.


Movement: What a total nutter. This week LB said that for the first time she feels like a person in there-- is that her butt? Her head? OMG, I think that was an elbow!

Sleep: Major downgrades in the sleep department due to the growing belly and this one vertebrae on my back that likes to pop out of place. Good times.

Cravings: "Swedish Fish" from whole foods. I am assuming they are healthy because they are at whole foods and so I eat them with abandon.

Exercise: Still Walking! Did my yoga DVD- TWICE! Yay!


Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week: Our hospital tour. It was freaking awesome and both of us remarked how it didn't even feel like a hospital. Great things we learned were that they do delayed cord clamping and instant chest to chest time with momma. They also have the "golden hour" where after baby is born, everyone but momma, dad, and baby leave the room. I also love that there is no rush to have her taken away to be cleaned up. We are very happy with our choice to deliver there!

On My Mind: Same as a few weeks ago. I am ready for our birth class and wish we would have started going sooner. Also, I am still reading my breastfeeding book and have so many darn questions still. I feel like I need to be outlining this book, but instead and highlighting like a freaking crazy person.


Baby to do list: A More Detailed Version

  • Paint baby's room
  • Get crown molding and built in bookshelves painted
  • Get daybed/futon for office
  • Arrange her room
  • Start getting art on walls in her room
  • Finish breastfeeding book
  • Pick out fabric to make her changing table cover, boppy cover, a pouf, and a few sheets.
  • Make those things above.
  • Start freezing food (may need to get a chest freezer from costco).
  • Hospital Tour
  • Birth Class
  • Baby Shower :) :) :)

PS: Everything in this post is linked. So just click on the pictures and away you go!