32 Weeks

How I’m Feeling: Heartburn-y. Like super heartburny. It's been a daily thing for the last month and momma is getting worn out. I have tried a ton of different stuff and just need to accept that I am going to have the buuuuuuuuurn. I also am feeling kind of mopey. A little bit of womp womp has started to creep in... we had her baby shower the first weekend in October and it was so darn fun and beautiful. But it was also exhausting. We had a bunch of people in town, a touch of drama, and just were generally busy. Pregnancy is hard. Belly/Weight: I have been hovering right around 30 pounds gained for the last month. It's odd to watch my weight shift from the rest of me to my belly. The braxton hicks contractions are in full swing. In fact, at my 30 week appointment the midwife asked me if I was having any contractions,.

Me: No

Midwife: You are having one right now. Here, feel.

Me: hhahahhaha. OHHHHH so that tightness was a contraction. Hahahhahaa.

Life Changes: I am mere weeks away from being done working in the office until after maternity leave. I am also out on assignment for the next two weeks which has been a nice change of scenery. As my discomfort increases, my desire to be in the office also divebombs.

Purchases/Nursery Decisions? Since the baby shower (post coming on that soon), so many things have been gifted and purchased. We are so damn loved.

I ordered her rug...

teal rug

Her bedding...


Got some of her art on the walls...

little bitty map mountains sky

Was gifted her bookshelf from my ridiculously generous besties...


And also received her monitor from my work crew (they are ridiculously generous folks too)...


Movement: She remains as totally crazy as ever. She is currently head down with her butt/back on my left side and her long freaking legs and feet extending out to my right side                where she likes to kick me in the hip. Repeatedly.

Sleep: Major downgrades in the sleep department due to increases in nightly peeing and heartburn.

Cravings: LB's cookies. Fruit still. Shoveling down as much food as possible before heartburn hits around 12 each day.

Exercise: Still Walking! Have gone to one prenantal yoga class per week during the last month and I love it.


Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week: LB continuing to say how cute I look even though I feel like a schlumpa. It's a small thing, but it's super nice. Runner up favorite moment??? I think we have found a nanny!!!

On My Mind: Same as a month ago. I am ready for our birth class and wish we would have started going sooner. Pregnancy is just hard. Feeling like a run down, uncomfortable, heartburned, version of yourself for months on end is super hard.


Baby to do list: A More Detailed Version

  • Paint baby's room
  • Get crown molding and built in bookshelves painted
  • Get daybed/futon for office
  • Arrange her room
  • Start getting art on walls in her room
  • Finish breastfeeding book
  • Pick out fabric to make her changing table cover, and curtains.
  • Make those things above.
  • Start freezing food (may need to get a chest freezer from costco).
  • Hospital Tour
  • Birth Class
  • Baby Shower :) :) :)

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