35 Weeks

weeks How I’m Feeling: The heartburn reigns supreme. I finally caved and am taking Pepcid after talking to my midwives and not sleeping for three nights in a row. The Pepcid is working and I fall asleep in about .2 seconds around 9 pm every night. Not having your chest and throat on fire does wonders for a girl. I am generally super uncomfortable and am feeling "pressure" in certain AHEM areas. All good signs, but man, she's getting too big for her own good!

Belly/Weight: Still on track for gaining a pound a week this entire pregnancy and feeling great about it. The belly seems lower to me and the midwives concur. At my last appointment they showed me how low her head was and all I could say was "... uhuh. That makes total sense."

Life Changes: I am tired and depleted. LB had knee surgery unexpectedly this week and that has been really hard. I am hoping his recovery is quick so that he can support me through delivery.

Purchases/Nursery Decisions? The nursery is done-ish. And in fact, all that remains is finding/making/buying her white sheer, gold polka dot curtains. I attempted a DIY with fabric paint and it was a total disaster. Curtains are on the back burner for now.


I ordered her pouf! And once it is here and I review it, you all are going to get a discount to the Etsy shop! Be pumped for that.

Here's a sneak peek at her nursery that I posted on Instagram.

nursery peek

I really want to change out the large black frame you can see in the background, but that would require spray painting and LB would have to do it.

Movement: She is kneeing and elbowing out my right side about 40 times a day and is clearly running out of room in there! This whole discovering my rib cage thing has also been not so comfortable.

Sleep: So much better since I started handling the heartburn at night.

Cravings: LB's cookies. Fruit still- but the heartburn reaction from consuming fruit is almost instantaneous. Shoveling down as much food as possible period. My appetite has definitely increased.

Exercise: Still Walking! Averaging about 2-3 miles a day. Have slacked off on prenatal yoga, but am going to try to go this weekend. My whole hip cradle needs it.

Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week: At our birth class, we have been practicing relaxation techniques and LB has been totally open to feedback on what I like and do not. He's getting really good at the gentle head and shoulder rubs! Second favorite? Talking to my friend Priscilla who has had two natural child births. My biggest take away from her was the following mantra: I can do anything for 90 seconds.

On My Mind: I am ready to meet her. I am ready to go through this birth experience with her and LB and our doula. I am ready to not be pregnant.

Baby to do list: A More Detailed Version

  • Paint baby's room
  • Get crown molding and built in bookshelves painted
  • Get daybed/futon for office
  • Arrange her room
  • Start getting art on walls in her room
  • Finish breastfeeding book
  • Pick out fabric to make her changing table cover, and curtains.
  • Make those things above.
  • Start freezing food (may need to get a chest freezer from costco).
  • Hospital Tour
  • Birth Class
  • Baby Shower :) :) :)