30 Before 30

I am totally stealing this idea from Ashley because I think it is awesome. A lot of these things will be difficult-er (worst made up word ever) because all of our extra cash for the next year will be going to the wedding. BUT at worst, I make this a 30 before 31 and I accomplish a bunch of stuff. WIN! So here it goes, the 30 things I want to do before 30:

  1. Make it through a whole barre class without stopping: 11/7/13- did a barre class yesterday... almost died... stopped about 17 times. :)
  2. Stick with my cash based budget/FPU mindset for a whole year: Started September 1, 2013
  3. Call momma Mary at least every other week: 1/17/14: have been true to this thus far
  4. Do a pole dancing class 11/26: did this last Saturday with Ashley and Peek and it was GREAT!
  6. Take LB out of the country (isn't that just the saddest thing ever, that he has never traveled outside of the US!?).
  7. Get a raise. 1/13/14: BOOM! 2% but still, I'll take it!
  8. Become a lawyer (this one is cheating, because it is happening on Monday, but it's huge so it goes on the list): 11/4/13: DONE!!!
  9. Eat vegan for two weeks
  10. Attend church 8 Sundays in a row
  11. Start a prayer journal (I did one of these in grade school and loved it. We all listed our prayer requests and then as they got answered we would mark them off and continually add to the list. Again, notice the list theme!)
  12. Do all of the wedding projects that I REALLY want to get done or delegate them/get friend help.
  13. Don't check my bank account for two weeks (I am a daily checker and it's stupid.)
  14. Get my arms into such good shape that Michelle Obama would say DAMNNNNN.
  15. Fix my teeth: Invisalign appointment is in two weeks. 11/26/13: Braces are ON!
  16. Have two REALLY good bras that I can wear everyday.
  17. Buy boots that I can wear to work without having to change into dress shoes.
  18. Start a book club! 11/26/13: we are meeting for the second time and reading Gone Girl. WOOP!
  19. Buy a bike (this one is tough for me because of my brother. I have gotten sketchy about bikes and need to get over it).
  20. Find the perfect shade of lipstick.
  21. Eat at the current top 25 resturants in Denver and blog about it. (HAPPY HOUR COUNTS!): See posts here.
  22. Rid my life of anything that isn't beautiful or useful. Literally. go through all my stuff. This could result in an epic yard sale or goodwill run.
  23. Continue giving at least $100 a month to different charitable causes.
  24. Buy a house.  12/23/13: We close 1/10/14!
  25. Learn how to use photoshop/buy it (this may be cost prohibitive and so may be on the next year list).
  26. Organize my photos. I got a bunch when I went home for my brother's funeral and they need to get organized into the ones I already had.
  27. Start writing appreciation letters to LB weekly. I have wanted to do this for a while and I feel like starting them a little under a year before the wedding would make an awesome wedding present.
  28. Take a Krav Maga class/self-defense.
  29. Go to Nashville (sort of cheating because going for bachelorette but I AM PUMPED!)
  30. Continue to make girl's nights a priority and really invest in my friends in an authentic way. 1/17/14: Still keeping up with this and am happy to say that the Bachelor is back on to aid us in getting together every week!