Faith, Speaking the Truth, Rest, And All that Other Good Stuff

Today as I took the train into work, I thought about things as I usually do: "What did I accomplish yesterday and what do I want to do today?" One thing from yesterday that stuck out was that after Girls Night Dinner, I literally and figuratively shut it off. That's right folks, for a WHOLE 50 MINUTES last night I....


I am sure that my phone was not offended, but I was. I was offended by own ridiculous need to be connected at ALL times. Moreso, I could not believe that I was actually PROUD of myself for turning my phone off.

Remember back in the olden days when your parental figures would say, "No phone past 8, bed at 9." (I assume that people who grew up in normal households had this experience, because I remember being at friend's houses and hearing it happen.)Well, one of the flaws of adulthood is that you don't have parents telling you TO GET OFF THE PHONE, I AM TRYING TO GET ONLINE!!! (can't you just hear the sound ... bring brrrrrrrrr ping ping... you just kicked me off the internet! Who picked up the phone!?).

So, it's time to put my big girl pants on and save me from myself just a little bit. Insert proclamation here: I am setting myself a new phone cutoff time of 9 pm during the week and 6 pm on our day of rest.

Here's where the faith comes in... most people who read this blog are not my everyday friends who would be wondering why I didn't text them back, answer their call, ect. So I have to have faith that when I speak my truth: "I turn my phone off at 9 these days, that's why I didn't get your text." These lovely folks in my life will take it at face value.

Baby steps toward rest (I feel like there is a good rhyme in there somewhere).