This is the summation of our culture right NOW and I think it sucks. Just this morning, at the bleary eyed time of 5:50 as I was heading out the door and turning my phone on (GO ME!) I get an email from Best Buy with the subject line: Don't Wait! Act NOW!

In my FPU'd brain I said, "But waiting is good. I should wait." For my entire life I have been sucked into this NOW word and it has landed me in a whole lot of financial hot water. If I don't buy this NOW it won't be here, I will regret it, I will die!, ok maybe not die, but I'll be super duper sad. And again, the whole concept of NOW is at play.

Even though I have been sticking to my Dave Ramsey budget for a month, I still check my bank account daily and I feel the need to get my cash out, into envelopes, and bills paid NOW. Even waiting on being responsible with money feels uncomfortable.

I am not sure how much of my weakness in the area of NOW is because I am type A or how much may have to do with the fact that I sometimes feel pretty ADD/Manic/Planner/Overly focused about life (all of it). I'm sure it's just a combination of my world-renouned future tripper abilities, but at times it feels like too much.

Hence, part of my growth in resting is going to be letting go of the NOW (it will still be there tomorrow Treana. God's got this).

PS: I think that putting NOW in all caps makes it as offensive as it should be to us.