Adam & Lauren's Wedding--Lessons Learned

I just love Peek. I just freaking love her. I got to spend the last two days getting to know all of her people and everything about her makes so much sense to me now. Everything about her relationship with Adam is what tells me that their love, their life together, is the real thing. Peek does this thing whenever she is home with Adam where she gets sort of adorably-whiny and says, "Aaaaaaadam..." until he comes or he gets her the thing she is asking him for. It's so cute and I can hear it in my head right now. So last night, in the middle of all the excitement and fun of a wedding, what was Peek doing while looking for her groom? "Aaaaaaadam!" And it was adorable because it was so natural. There is no show with these two. And so, as LB and I are about a year out from our wedding and we start to dive into the trenches of planning, here are my personally applicable take aways:

  • Weddings are a coming together of people you love. If you love them, invite them... no matter how last minute. (Peek wished two of our mutual girlfriends could be there to celebrate with us and had it on her mind all week).
  • Encourage people to take off their shoes-- it's so freaking fun. (Adam almost never wears shoes and at his request, people were explicitly allowed to remove shoes throughout the venue. I've never been to a wedding where more people were barefoot and happy about an hour into it).
  • Keep it simple stupid. Keep it organized/contained. Don't be driving all over the place. (Peek and Adam did an excellent job at keeping everything for the wedding in one spot. Their wedding was at the Manor House in Littleton, Colorado and it was an EXCELLENT spot).
  • Have a photo booth somehow. My MOST FAVORITE part (besides the dancing, the people, the bluegrass band and the people again) was the photo booth that was designed to look their save the dates and when Peek left everything else at the wedding to go take photo booth pictures with me. It was our little time together and I flipping loved it. Those pictures are already in a frame in my kitchen.
  • Have as many speeches (good ones) as you want. The speeches are my favorite part. Adam's brother told a story of how Adam and Peek used to say they were just friends... until one night Peek walked out of Adam's room in the middle of the night. Everyone was dying laughing and Adam's younger brother said, "Busted." It was just so real and authentic.
  • No one remembers the details... well they remember some details. I remember the adorable records with our seating assignments and that the chairs were gold and that the tent looked amazing with the drapery and the lights (mostly cause that is what I want to do with our tent). Beyond that, I know that there were centerpieces, and signs and menus, and a whole host of other great things, but I just remember how I felt: so happy, so loved, and so excited for Peek and Adam.
  • High kicks in the middle of the dance floor are freaking amazing.
  • Take the time to tell everyone in your life, new friends or old, how amazing they are. I felt so loved at this wedding because Peek's friends accepted me, praised me, and were so happy that I was here in Denver to be her friend. This is an excellent life reminder.

Peek and Adam: I love you both and am so excited to be barefoot with you again soon. :)

Gorgeous Bride

Handsome groom.

The bridal party.

Me and my girl.