First Round of Furniture Buys

This is overwhelming... this whole furnishing a house when all of your furniture was purchased by other people. But, HOLY SNAP (crackle and pop), is it fun too! :) 

*All pictures are linked to their sources. If my sleep deprived brain missed something, let me know! 

So let's start with the, I am not sure where this is going to go for sure yet, but I love it pieces.

This bench could go office, entry, bar room, or bedroom... OR living room! I don't care where it goes, I love it so.  

This shelf is fun and modern and looks pretty sturdy. I think it might end up in my office if not the loft/playroom. 

Bar Room. 

We are going to do this Ikea hack for the bar/buffet in the bar room. 

Parts we need for the hack. 

On top of said bar we will put things... starting with this candle. LOL. The gold accents mixed with the industrial concrete vibe just inspired this whole Mad Men, mid-mod bar room thing I got going on. 

Couch for said bar room. 

 I got one of these side chairs from Target and we will just see if we get another one. I am thinking the answer will be yes.

Light for the bar room! I have wanted a space to do one of these sputnik lights FOREVER and am pumped to get to do one in this house. 

There is going to be a fight over where this lamp goes... and it is going to be a fight between me and me. It's gonna get real interesting. 


We ordered two of these gates for the top and the bottom of the stairs... we've never had to deal with stairs with Lyla before and so any tips y'all have on that, let me know!

Living Room

We ordered this custom couch from Interior Define and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to get it. It is the Maxwell in Basketweave Graphite. It's super deep looking and I hope I love it as much as I think/know I will. 

I am going to do a whole separate post on the rest of the living room set up debacle because I am just struggling with the set up and have 800 inspiration images and am not sure where to let them guide me. 

Dining Room

This light might look familiar... it's nearly identical to the one that was in our old house. :)

Lyla Stuff: Her Room and the Loft

We picked up two staples for a Loft/playroom space: a small table and chairs and an adorable tent. 

Most of these tents are well over $100 (looking at you land of nod) and I wanted it be as gender neutral as possible. All kids welcome!

We got these comfy floor cushions for inside her tent. 

And these room darkening curtains for her bedroom. Her room is getting a whole revamp and I am pumped. 

Guest Room

We got a Tuft & Needle mattress for the guest room about 2 months ago and now I want to get one for our bedroom too. I get to sleep on it every other night when LB takes Lyla, and I LOVE IT. It is the most comfortable thing of life, was $600 for a queen and unfolded brilliantly in our guest room. Best money we ever spent on a bed. Period. 

SO yeah. That's where we are at thus far. We still need... oh God. It's too much. It's just too much. 

Shopping List

I turned the big 3-0 yesterday and I feel totally great about it. I'll be reflecting and posting on what 30 means to me in a few days, but for now I must confess something not so grown up and mature and budget oriented: I've got the urge to spend money. money

Ok fine. I want to buy stuff. I am sure that it comes from feeling I get to treat myself because it is my birthday (keep in mind that I used my extra earnings from taking pictures and helping at weddings to buy myself Hunter boots and got myself $200 worth of stuff at Nordstrom Rack with my birthday money budget). <--- Feeling totally convicted writing that. BUT MAN OH MAN, do I have the urge right now. When I get said urge, it helps me to make of the things that I actually want so that WHEN I SAVE UP FOR THEM (TREANA!), I know what I am saving towards. Got it? Great.

This is where you come in. Here is my list of things that I think I want to buy, but perhaps just want "stuff," but really think I want to buy... categorized by website, because well... OCD.

If you click on the pictures it will take you to the magical place where you can purchase said item.


This Denver print has been in my Etsy cart for at least 7 moths, but it is $50. And this gorgeous weekend duffle taunts me with it's pretty little ways.

Denver travel duffle

Heat Press

Yeah. I want one for Katie and I's Etsy business... and for life. Do you know how many adorable shirts and onesies and totes I could make? (Answer: a bazillion).

heat press

Walmart- The Devil

I hate Walmart and their crappy-crappiest treatment of their employees, and China importing, and general exploitation of other humans so that about 50% of the top ten riches people in the world are Walmart kids... but... I LOVE this couch.



This chair is gorgeous. We need another side chair upstairs. Period.

Honey We're Home Overstock Biltmore Wingchair_46

Orrrrrr we need this chair. LOVE the more mid-century modern vibe of this guy.


One King's Lane: Affiliate Links

This bed... in a king size... would complete our master bedroom. I don't want to go too cottagey with the headboard since we're trying to pull some modern touches back in there will new pulls for the nightstands (they're ordered... will post).


Master bedroom currently looks like so:

IMG_2063 IMG_2068

I am currently working on ordering a GIANT wedding picture for over the dresser and just need to freaking pick one already.

Psssssst: I am also loving this compilation of bedroom trends that One King's Lane put together.

Wayfair: Affiliate Link

This dining table... buuuuuuuuuuuuut perhaps I would want to wait until we get our island installed/wall knocked down and butcher block counter on said island before making a dining table decision. OH. And small detail... it's $1,600+ JUST for the table. SAY WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHT!? We're gonna end up thrifting this guy.


This bathroom vanity for the upstairs bath:


Current upstairs bath... I think something like above will make the space feel less tight (what a nice way of saying small).

bath 5

I am loving everything in Wayfair's new shop:

Sooooooo, anyway. Those are a few things that I am wanting to spend money I don't have on things I don't need right now. :) What are you lusting after? I can't be the only one.