Pinterest Finds I am Loving Lately: Home Edition

Since things at work have finally cooled off a little bit (I was slammed for a good two months) I have had a little time to do some pinterest hunting. In the last few days, here are some of my favorite finds:

  1. The Paint Color Formula for White Ikea Furniture: I have a single nightstand from Ikea that I got about 6 years ago that is white. LB currently has a clunker of a nightstand that is some weird sort of orangey dark wood. A good in between step before we finalize a master bedroom furniture plan, might be to strip, sand, degloss and paint his orangey hot mess with this goodness!
  2. A cute wood entry mat from Lowe's: Once we get the front door and shutters painted (I am 99% sure we are going with a high gloss black), we are going to need some pops of color on that ol front porch of ours! Since we have a huge concrete pad for a mat, we could make this twice the size and add some color fun to it.
  3. Rub 'n Buff: It sounds dirty, but man, I think I might be on to something here. While I was in Chicago, LB painted the side tables we scored from Craigslist bright green using Annie Sloan's chalk paint. they look AWESOME. But the hardware is a little dingy. I like the look of the beat up stuff, but I think this weekend calls for me to get some rub 'n buff and see what the gold leaf does for me... Watch out. I feel an explosion of gold and/or silver rub(bed) and buff(ed) stuff in my future.
  4. Chalk Paint What? If you're wondering what in the world chalk paint is, watch this video.
  5. Storage Boxes made from... boxes?!?: enough said. Seems easy enough and SO CUTE. These little buggers will also go well with the following two projects...
  6. Staining wood furniture to look weathered: the gist? Buy the weathered gray Rustoleum stain and the matte poly sealer. The coffee table and the dining room table are getting this treatment one of these weekends. (Note to the interwebs: ONLY Lowe's carries this. HD doesn't have anything that is even close). Also, way to go to me, we've got the coffee table stripped and are working on sanding all those darn edges!
  7. Day Bed & Entry Way Storage Options: Ana White, y'all. Ana White. We are building furniture over here! Since we figured out that we are going to have upwards of 7 people staying with us before the wedding for a few days, and my office has the space for a daybed for LB's mom, a daybed it is! The three build it yourself options we are mulling over are: Lydia, Simple Day Bed, and Rectangles. Storage options? Cubby or Storage Bench. I recommend that you start on her, start here page... cause...yeah.