Our To Do List

Updated July 31, 2015!   My dearest LB just put this together for us and it helps explain why I have been so MIA in blog land lately. (Also, my husband put together a list. A real list. I am so proud).

So this, dear friends, is what we have on our plates right now.


  • Finish sealing the tile
  • Re-install under cabinet lights (not going to the easiest thing because several screws are striped or stuck in the lights)
  • Caulk the countertops
  • Touch up paint on the cabinets
  • Putty the walls
  • Sand the walls
  • Putty the walls again
  • Sand again
  • Paint the walls


  • Secure desktop to the cabinets in the office
  • Lay flooring onto the top of the desk
  • Trim the flooring to fit the desk
  • Figure out how/where we are going to run cables/power for computers etc
  • Secure cabinets
  • Figure out the trim situation
  • Figure out how we want to cover the edge/lip of the desktop
  • Patch wall where T's clothes bar was/paint patched area
  • Patch wall where shelves are/paint area where shelves were
  • Clear, clean and organize the office
  • Consolidate paperwork/files
  • Figure out how to put “file drawer” in one of the cabinets
  • Put handles on cabinets

All Three Bedrooms Upstairs

  • Figure out the closet situation
  • Figure out the guest bed situation

Baby's Room

  • What to do with the treadmill and weight bench and weights
  • What to do with LB tools
  • Once LB's office is clear, test paint samples/ select paint color
  • Paint Baby’s room
  • Clear out the closet and begin organizing her things in the closet