21 Weeks! Over Halfway... WHAT!?!

How I’m Feeling: I've finally gotten that bit of energy that people talk about, but compared to my normal pace of things, I still feel sluggish. My sciatic and just general low back are hanging out at around a consistent 5-6 on the pain scale all day long and I am NOT a fan. Luckily a co-worker told me about a chiropractor close to my work and the two times I have gone, I have left PAIN FREE. Which is huge. I plan on continuing to go once a week. Belly/Weight: I am up to about 14 pounds gained and I genuinely don't know where besides my chest that weight is going... well obviously some is going to the baby bump that has now made it's appearance!

20 weeks

Life Changes: We have been kicking ass on house projects like the kitchen and combining our offices to make room for Baby girl's room. That feels so good even though my ability to hammer things out (literally and figuratively is hampered a bit). I promise that one day my prince will come I will put together a blog post with the house updates. It's just... I am pregnant. And my feet swell. And... I am just tired.

Purchases? A few odds and ends here and there, but my recent "mom" score was this teething necklace that LB picked up for me. They're cute and even though I won't need them for a while, it was one of those, when you see it, snatch it items.

teething necklace

Movement: She is a cruising machine. During her anatomy ultrasound, the tech was struggling to get all of the pictures because she was wiggling so much. One of the pictures she did get, however, was of baby girl flipping off the camera. She is our daughter after all. :)

Sleep: Thumbs up when it cools off at night. We feel bad (due to our downstairs guest) turning up the AC at night for sleep because it gets SUPER cold down there. When we can turn the attic fan on, I sleep like a champ.

Cravings: None really this week. I am learning portion control for the first time in my life, and I am not a fan. I just cannot eat until I am full anymore because my stomach is getting more and more smushed by the day.

Exercise: Still Walking! Still haven't done my yoga DVD! Still loving my fitbit!


Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week: Getting an entire baby wardrobe from Sam. There are no words that would express my gratitude adequately.

On My Mind: Learning about her... what makes her tick. And also, breastfeeding. I finally ordered the breastfeeding book that Vanessa recommended and am hoping that the knowledge gives me just a smidge of direction. :)

Baby to do list: Progress people-- we are making progress!

  • Cars that we both like and are safe enough for baby.
  • Basically gut my office and combine them 
  • Clear out the gym room and...
  • Start to make that space into baby's room
  • Get the granite and backsplash done in the kitchen
  • Gut and remodel the bathroom upstairs
  • Buy/borrow ALL OF THE THINGS for a first time baby
  • Birthing classes-- paid for and scheduled! 
  • Meeting with doula twice
  • Read all of the books
  • Pick out names
  • Schedule visitors and deliver the "bad news" that they need to have had a whooping cough and flu vaccine before seeing baby in the winter. Also, if they've been sick within a month of visiting... it's a no visit zone. I DO NOT want my baby getting RSV (oh the joys of a winter bundle).