Nineteen Weeks: Baby is Moving!

  How I’m Feeling: Pretty good this week. I am sure that finally feeling baby B move has a lot to do with it, but I am embracing the bump that is becoming ever more pronounced and feeling awesome about that. I have been sleeping better since I got my pregnancy pillow (I LOVE THAT THING), even though my neck and low back are giving me hell.

Belly/Weight: Belly is finally a belly! I have no idea about other weight gain because I have never weighed myself, but my breasts remain out of control. Let's just say that the girl at Victoria's secret laughed at me when she told me my current size. Peek and Sam are floored by the enormity already happening. I am staying somewhat humorous about the whole thing for now. :)

Life Changes: We are a two car family again. We found great deals on an SUV/family car for me and a four door commuter for LB. The payment on my new mom ride is less than the truck's was. Score one for team Bennett. We also are CRUISING on house projects right now (spoiler alert! the office and kitchen and baby's room are gonna look a TON different in two weeks!).

Purchases? Oh my. We've picked up a few things in the last couple weeks, but the big score was getting this $250 high chair for $50. How? I set a craigslist alert and when it popped up, I jumped on it like a dog to a bone. It NO JOKE looks brand new. That means that our two Craigslist pickups thus far have cost us $300. The other $250 was for the Uppa Baby Vista stroller that normally runs about $8-900(!!!). So... yeah. We're doing good.

high chair

Movement: YAY!!!!!!!!!! She is CRUISING around in there folks. The night before last I was laying in bed watching Friends to fall asleep and I shifted a little bit and felt the unmistakable thump in the middle of my stomach. Ever since then I can feel her fluttering away in there anytime I am totally relaxed... or I drink a bunch of cold water. LB felt her a little bit last night, but she was still being shy.

Sleep: Thumbs up thanks to this guy below, but thumbs down thanks to peeing and dog snoring (the peeing is mine, but the snoring is Skip). I've had to kick him out this week twice.

body pillow

Cravings: Well. All the food and weird ones too. I want a frozen Tostino's pizza so bad it hurts, but uhhhh I can't eat dairy.... I also have wanted Spaghetti-O's (nasty) and hot wings. The issue, besides the overarching dairy one, is that my heartburn got so bad last week I thought I wasn't gonna make it. I cut out burgers and my beloved OJ and it's been a lot better. I am pissed, but my esophagus isn't so there's that.

Exercise: Still Walking! I desperately want to do my yoga DVD this weekend, but the odds of that happening with what we've got going on are slim to none. Thank goodness for this little gem that is still motivating me to move my tush!


Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week: Feeling baby girl move for the first time ever. I was reading about all these ladies feeling their babies and thought that I might still have to wait a while. Since then, I am so glad she is making her presence known.

On My Mind: Meeting her. I am starting to visualize what she is going to look like and it is so so so exciting!

Baby to do list: Progress people-- we are making progress! Here is a list of things that need to get done/we’d REALLY like to get done before baby comes:

  • Cars that we both like and are safe enough for baby.
  • Basically gut my office and combine them-- will be done by next weekend! 
  • Clear out the gym room and start to make into baby's room
  • Get the granite and backsplash done in the kitchen-- getting done THIS weekend! 
  • Gut and remodel the bathroom upstairs
  • Buy/borrow ALL OF THE THINGS for a first time baby
  • Birthing classes-- paid for and scheduled! 
  • Meeting with doula twice
  • Read all of the books
  • Pick out names
  • Schedule visitors and deliver the "bad news" that they need to have had a whooping cough and flu vaccine before seeing baby in the winter. Also, if they've been sick within a month of visiting... it's a no visit zone. I DO NOT want my baby getting RSV (oh the joys of a winter bundle).