Baby's Room

If you missed the gender announcement on Instagram... well scoot on over there and have a watch/look/listen. I'll wait.  







It's seriously the first video there.








YAY! The old wives were correct! The Mayans... not so much.

I haven't shared a lot about our sweet girl's room even before it was going to be our sweet girl's room because it has basically been a dumping ground since we moved in. It currently houses LB's office and is the dog's room since our basement will still be occupied for another month or so.

From door straight ahead into room.

The plan is to combine LB and my office spaces into this room:


I've previously shared what I sort of think is the plan for that room, but we've really got to get going in here to get to the fun baby stuff.

Armed with the picture below as inspiration, I have started at least mentally mapping the steps that need to happen for Baby B (all the pins/pictures in this post from here on down are linked if you click on em!). I am trying to approach baby's space the same way that I have approached the rest of our house: layering in. Going slow. Sitting with something and the figuring out what it needs.

nursery inspiration


1. We need to paint. I am going to leave at least one of the walls (if not two or three of them) the Black Pepper color that they currently are because I love it. I've narrowed down the paint colors to about 5 different shades of gray/white. Cause ya know-- shades are important.


2. Then we need to give the signal to LB's mom that she can send us the crib! I have settled on this one since it will convert all the way to a double bed. We are also going to get the matching dresser, but will probably swap out the knobs for brass ones. Or keep them. Who knows.

white crib


3. Install the chandelier that we already bought!


4. Buy either one of these lamps (one from west elm and one from Target that I could spray paint gold).

lamplamp 2


5. Figure out a rocker. We currently are eyeing one that is a grey leather that rocks, but also electronically reclines. It is way more grown-up chair than baby's room chair, but comfort and sleepability are key.

6. Nail down a side table like this one and possibly gold dip the legs:


7. This is where things get complicated: the rug, the bedding, and the drapes. I am pretty set on the bedding since you can't use bumpers or blankets it's basically a bed skirt and a few different fitted sheets. I need to decide if I want my color pop to be the drapes or the rug. I found this over-saturated vintage looking pink rug on Rugsusa, but I wasn't completely convinced that this was the way to go. So I will wait to see which way the winds blow. Who knows, I could stumble upon some fabric or curtains that I love and then decide to keep the rug super neutral (whites, blacks, muted pinks). For now, here is my bedding pick:

baby bedding

8. Then art. Which I can't even get into right now because it makes me want to skip all of these steps and just start buying art! I never do that because you don't know what will work until the rest of the space is "formed."

Alright people- that's what we got for now. A decent start to little Baby Girl Bennett's room.