Last Friday Night

Y'all remember that "Last Friday Night" song by some terrible pop artist whose name I will never remember. The lyrics go something like "Last Friday night, we all got super drunk and danced on bars and generally dissapointed ourselves and our parents, but I think I had fun." While this is a rough translation/interpretation of the song, I have seen how much my "exciting" Friday nights have changed over the years. Give me a BBQ, friends, their babies, LB, husbands, dogs, dogs who will chase a ball thrown by a 2 year old, and I am a HAPPY LITTLE LADY. All of this went down last Friday night and I can't wait for us to do it again. This was our first gathering with "everyone" (a few of our favorites weren't there, mostly because this shiz wasn't planned ahead of time), and I love our backyard (dead wildflowers, weeds, and all) even more now. What originally was going to be a "take my mom who was in town to a movie" night, became a laugh riot kind of night. It's no secret on this blog that my friends are my family in Denver, and I've got a pretty solid crew y'all.

I post so much about Avery because she is 1. Adorable 2. I get to see her the most 3. The only baby of our weekly girl's night gatherings. 4. Hilarious. 5. I love her. 6. SO SASSY! 7. Every picture of her I have taken she has food on her face, but she hates to actually sit down and eat. She is my favorite Sam's daughter, not mine, but I love her so. Image IMG_0569 How could you not with that face and those ridic eyes!????

Ashley loves her too, clearly. On Friday, Avery must have said, "TT throw the ball. TT do it. 1, 2, free GO! Oh Skip you got it! What a good job skip!" About 100 times. This was Ashley giving me a break while I snapped some pictures. IMG_0574 Katie is thrilled that I am taking AND POSTING a picture of her eating and Ashley is just being her lovely goofy self... obv. IMG_0575 This last one was right before all of the husband's left and us girls just hooted and hollered while sitting around chatting for an hour or so. I haven't laughed like that in ages. What AMAZING smiles this Kitchen family has! IMG_0582 So that was my last Friday night! How did you spend your last Friday night? What are you up to tonight that you could write a song about?