30 Days of Exercise

Many studies say that if you do something for 30 days, you are more likely to have it develop in to a pattern that you will stick with. No I don't know the studies, and no, I have no freaking idea if it's true. But since I am trying to tone up my arms and just generally feel great for the wedding, I have decided that I am going to exercise everyday for 30 days. I got the idea because I have a month of hot yoga that I got from a groupon that I cashed in on Sunday. So far here's where I am at:

    • I started on Friday, May 10 with a 5 mile bike ride with my mom
    • Saturday, May 11: 4 mile hike with Katie and mom


    • Sunday, May 12: 75 minute hot yoga class.
    • Monday, May 11: arms at home
    • Tuesday, May 12: hot yoga 35 minutes on elliptical at home
    • Wednesday, May 13: barre class
    • Thursday, May 14: hot yoga

Scheduled through the weekend:

  • Friday, May 15: barre class
  • Saturday, May 16: bike ride with LB
  • Sunday, May 17: hike!

We shall see how this goes but just knowing I was posting this made me feel like I had committed to something and needed to follow through! Blog for the win.

And no. Before anyone asks, I am NOT trying to lose weight- the opposite actually. But I am in pretty bad cardio shape and so even if I get into better hiking and biking shape, (I will never run, I solemnly vow this to the world) I'll call it a success. Plus, who wants skinny noodle arms in wedding photos? Not this kid.

I'd like LB to think there is a small chance of me being able to win at the pull up challenge one day!