What Do You Need From Me Today?

Inspired, as I often am, my momastery's gorgeous articles on life, humor, faith, and love, I feel compelled to make a faithfulness commitment to LB. This morning, Glennon wrote on how asking the right/better questions instead of the generic ones can mean the difference between really knowing your spouse and just co-existing. And, y'all, moving is stressful. Renovating is stressful. Transitions are especially stressful for me (childhood memories of moving were AWFUL and I did it all the time). So, I can't think of a better time to ask LB: What do you need from me this week? When did I make you feel loved today? When did you feel lonely today? And other questions that jump out to him as me saying that I REALLY CARE what happened during his day that made him feel one way or another. Because we just all want to be cared for and know that someone is concerned with giving us what we need today, this week, and for the years to come.