My 2014 Word

So, yeah. I am a follower of trends and I am shamelessly copying Vanessa (like I do with more and more things in my life... that whole immitation is the highest form of flattery stuff; well this is just, how do I get to a more peaceful space like that kick ass working momma kind of stuff; thus, I copy).

I have thought about this for about 5 seconds because my word was SO EASY to pick that it felt like God/the universe slapped that darn word on my head before I even knew what was coming.


After Sam and I's barre class was canceled yesterday we went to Starbucks and then stalked my soon-to-be house. We talked about our faith and how much it plays into every area of our lives right now. It is interesting to me to even say that when I feel like I have been putting my faith on the backburner for the last few months; but God for me, is ever patient (until he hits me upside the head with a brick, then he really needs me to listen) and always waiting for me to join Him for a cup of coffee and a good stalking real estate session. But that's the thing about God-- he was totally there with us yesterday. You don't get to walk away from an awesome conversation like that, feel the way that I felt, and not know that God was hanging with us two/too.

So, here's how I envision FAITHFUL working for me:

  • Am I sticking with my budget becomes: Am I being faithful with my budget and what I have decided to do with my money?
  • Am I being a good partner to LB becomes: Am I being faithful to the life that we have promised to be build together?
  • Am I being a good employee becomes: Am I being faithful with my time at work given what is being asked of me at work?

The list goes on but the greatest question for me this year is, Am I being faithful about my actual faith? Am I putting in the time to chat with God in the way that works for me? In action, this looks like going to yoga, talking to my friends, hanging out with LB sans TV, and going to church IN THAT ORDER. Those are my spiritual practices and where I find God to be hanging out the most. Since I do believe that God is the universe and getting to hang with the universe really is just getting to be peaceful, I know that all of that is waiting for me to engage... to be faithful.