Denver's Top 25: Colt & Gray

Part of my 30 before 30 list is to eat at the Top 25 Restaurants in Denver. See my posts here. Last night LB and I went to number 16, Colt & Gray.

WOW. It overtook Fruition for our favorite spot in Denver... that is how good it was.The service was amazing... one of the hosts plays basketball with LB. The front of house manager took us downstairs after dinner to show us their newly renovated space complete with a prohibition era bar, a private dining room and a beautiful second kitchen for private parties.

Here's the rundown:

  • For appetizers we got the mussels... they were in a green curry that was so subtle. We asked for a spoon to slurp up the sauce and extra toasted bread to soak up the goodness
  • I got two cocktails that were both epic (frothed with egg whites? say no more)
  • For dinner I ordered the duck and it came with this breaded pasta delishness. It was wonderful. 8/10
  • The winner though was LB: he ordered a special cut of steak that was hands DOWN THE BEST STEAK I HAVE EVER HAD. It came with this sort of creamy cheesy thing. It was perfection.

From the top left clockwise: mussels, my LB, the steak, the duck.

Me and my hot date.