Denver's Top 25 Restaurants: Old Major

Part of my 30 before 30 list is to eat at the Top 25 Restaurants in Denver.Here's the list:

  1. Frasca's Food and Wine (Boulder)
  2. Cholon We have eaten at Cholon 3 times now: get the pork belly buns--or anything else on the menu and lose your mind.
  3. Sushi Den It is sort of awesome that Sushi Den is our local sushi spot.
  4. Mizuna
  5. Bittersweet
  6. Potager
  7. Fruition Went for our 4 year anniversary and it was AMAZING. Probably my favorite restaurant in Denver.
  8. Luca D'Italia
  9. Fuel Cafe
  10. Old Major See Below
  11. Oak at Fourteenth (Boulder)
  12. The Populist--no reservation needed
  13. Beast and Bottle
  14. Cafe Aion (Boulder)
  15. Twelve Restaurant
  16. Colt & Gray See post here.
  17. Table 6 Went here for a date night 2 years ago and we were totally underwhelmed. Won't be back.
  18. Rioja
  19. Duo Restaurant
  20. Il Posto
  21. Tag Raw Bar
  22. Linger
  23. Trillium
  24. Euclid Hall (bar-ish)
  25. Spuntino ($18 or <)

We knocked another one off the list last week while Andy was here: Old Major in the highlands. Here's my yelp review:

We came here with a group of 6 after my friend and I were sworn in as attorneys. We had family and husbands in tow. It was a delight to see that the greeter was the greeter we had at fruition a year and a half ago and was the sweetest man ever. Let's get to it:

  • During happy hour we ordered the pork fat fries (do this again at all times and all days)
  • I got a Moscow Mule
  • Once sat, the restaurant sent over complimentary champagne. LOVELY
  • I got the duck with the risotto... OMG. WONDERFUL.
  • LB got the nose to tail: DELISH

There are two negatives: The first was that the server had a really hard time splitting our check up and so it took almost half an hour to get out of there. Second, upon reflecting on the menu, and thinking about returning, I think that it is incredibly difficult to discern what is a main and what is an appetizer. Also, if we are comparing meat to meat, Colt & Gray's steak still tops my list for meat spots. Many people left still hungry after dinner and for the price, that was not expected.

My peeps.