We Stop Because It Is Time to Stop

The Love Well Blog has been speaking/preaching truth to me this week. When I have time, I have been going back to her series on the Sabbath and found this gem today.

Wayne Muller's book "Sabbath."

There is astounding wisdom in the traditional Jewish Sabbath, that it begins precisely at sundown, whether that comes at a wintery 4:30 or late on a summer evening. Sabbath is not dependent upon our readiness to stop. We do not stop because we are finished. We do not stop when we complete our phone calls, finish our project, get through this stack of messages, or get out this report that is due tomorrow. We stop because it is time to stop.

We stop because it is time to stop.

No matter what awaits for us, we cut it off. We walk away and leave things as they are because they will still be there when we return. We can't solve it all right now/right away. It's impossible-- and if we wait for it all to be perfect, then we will never live peacefully.

I'm still processing how I can put this into motion in ways that don't involve sitting and watching TV, but also in a way that works for LB and I. Any thoughts?