Financial Peace and God

Last night at our FPU class was my favorite class thus far and I even took the leap to cut up my credit cards. I will be keeping one not cut up -- NOT for emergencies, that is why we have an emergency fund-- but rather to put our gas budget on it and pay it off. As much as I understand paying cash for everything, saving up to buy a house to me means saving up to put 40 or 50 % down and buying something that is ACTUALLY in our price range. That means we will finance a house one day, but we will devote everything we have to paying that sucker off in the same way we are paying off debt. I am excited to RUN LIKE A GAZELLE for my financial life because it really is like running for my life--this being a slave to debt nonsense is done. I will not do it anymore.

That said, my actual highlight of the class was when Dave said the following in regards to how important prayer is: "God is not mad at you. God misses you and he thinks you are pretty awesome."  I was JUST feeling convicted about my distance from my calm, in-touch, Jesus connected, spiritual side and have "confessed" this to an accountability partner (THANKS V!) and Dave goes and says how God misses me. That God I tell ya... he pretty much is awesome too.