Christianity v. Following Jesus

Today in church the pastor said the following: "It is much easier to be a Christian when compared to following Jesus." I am still reflecting on this statement in light of my own spiritual journey- in light of the fact that being labeled Christian in my world comes with a TON of negative connotations. Where the thought pattern goes: "You're Christian? You must be a judgmental A Hole." Which is exactly NOT who Jesus was. At all. I'm still reflecting on this conundrum in light of how far away from the message of love that the church has gotten. How do I be a part of something that I don't trust to be accepting of others? How do I keep my truth while joining a collective? Faith is personal. Intensely. So how do I keep it personal when surrounded by a world that has perverted my sense of Jesus into something that I don't believe in. As you can see-- the thoughts are a process.