Bravery, Transitions, and Decisions

I think that it takes a lot of guts to make any decision and I can totally understand why people get so paralyzed by fear of making the wrong decision that they just choose to not make ANY CHOICES at all. For example, while studying for the bar there are about 100 decisions to make every day (probably every hour but let's not TOTALLY over exaggerate): Should I go to J's to do work? If I do should I work on multiple choice with her or essays? If multiple choice, should I tackle property because I hate it or do something that we can really fine tune and master in an hour? If I stay home, should I do essays? How many? What topic? Should I fully script them or issue spot them? Should I highlight all of the rule statements from the sample answer or just the ones I haven't memorized yet? Should I type them out right now or sit and do a session of them? Do I need to listen to the lecture that accompanies the essay answer? ECT, ECT, ECT. So yeah. Studying for the bar makes you really good at just making a flipping choice and going for it (little triangle on barbri be damned).

AND YET, when it comes to some wedding stuff that still needs to be decided, I am having a bit of a hard time. Right now, the struggles are:

  • Hire a graphic designer to do STDs, invites, schedules? Or just invites? Or just get some off of etsy and call it a day even though I get so excited about paper stuff?
  • HOW are we going to organize renting the rooms for the lodge??? Google docs has got to have the answer but I just don't know. ALSO, it is inevitably awkward to require a first night's deposit from people to reserve their rooms so far in advance, but MAN! It's just got to be done. Phrasing that is probably not as tricky as I am making it, but again, I just want people to have SUCH a relaxing fun time! PLUS, they aren't going to have to worry about food while they are up in Breck (MAYBE a few lunches at worst).
  • ONE other thing about the lodge... some of the rooms could allow people to share with other couples or singles... organizing that could be an absolute NIGHTMARE... luckily, after the bridal party gets their rooms all set up, there will only be 4 rooms left so... actually I take that back, it won't be too bad.
  • Engagement photos--Still needing to get a spot and a date picked out for when Becca is here, but she doesn't have her flights booked yet for Sarah's wedding.
  • Website: I will need to get our domain purchased before I order STDs... which means it has to happen the beginning of August.

Ugh. These are such silly things to worry about but are all part of the transition from student to bar taker to lawyer to worker who is planning a wedding.

So yeah, weddings make you really good at just making flipping choices and going for it... now... what the heck am I going to do for flowers... ;)