The Wrap Up

Since the title of this blog is "treana's transitions," I would be remiss if I did not blog about how difficult it has been to push through this last transition of finishing law school. I could potentially be done with finals in about three weeks and I am grossly unprepared. The real issue is not that I am unprepared, the issue is that I do not want to get prepared... at all. I just want to be done... now. I know that it will be fine and things will wrap up just as they are supposed to, but man...plowing through this last little jaunt of finals seems like the world's biggest ask... and I just want to say "no." 

So, I, along with the world's other 3L's will suck it up, plow through, and make lemons out of lemonade... or something like that.

In other awesome news... Ashley's wedding is FINALLY this weekend. After our freak "blizzard" today, I am excited to fly out tomorrow morning to get this girl hitched. :) Let's do this future Fellows'!