Charges Being Brought In Brother's Case

Today this article was released by the Everett Herald about my brother Trenton. It's interesting, my reaction. At first, I am just so sad because I miss him. And I know that we will never have the chance to really get to know each other as adults. And I am sad that he was taken away. But then, I just feel so bad for the driver's family as well. I wish them peace. I do believe in a very poetic sense of justice in all of this ... meaning that he should pay for killing my brother, but I hate to see another family be torn apart. I would like to meet him, actually, this man who ripped my whole life wide open. I would like to meet him to tell him that I forgive him. That I am sorry that this happened to him. That I hate the choice he made that day, but that I don't hate him. That this too shall pass. But, I am no saint... I also want him to have to look at my face that is so similar to that of my brother's... I also want to ask him why he ignored medical advice and why he tried to keep this all hidden. Grief. You are still such a sneaky bastard.