Christmas Trip

We are back from our trip to Oregon and it was such a good time to reconnect with friends and with LB. We had such a blast with his old friends from high school and were able to laugh harder than we have in years. It was also refreshing to be around some moisture for a change. NEXT ORDER OF ACTION... get a humidifier. :) I also go to go to my first Blazers HOME game and it was awesome. It also was pretty depressing in other ways. Stephanie (aunt-mom) was very upset that I was not coming home and only mentioned asking what I was doing for Christmas when I was already in Portland and not planning on coming home. It felt very much like a set-up: let's just wait until she is already here and then attack her for not wanting to come home. It also was disappointing that she used my sisters to try to guilt trip me into coming up there. But Ashley was right: there is no healing left up there for me. I cannot be whole and happy when I am there because it is just too much... too much drama, too much anger, too much pain.

All in all it was a good decision to not go home and to hang out with my new family, my loving, created family. LB and I are committed to spending more quality, stress less time together.