A little twist on the gratitude journal today. First though, I am thankful that I woke up today to face another day. I also thankful that my internship is concluded so that I can focus on school for this home stretch! YES. Now on to the really good Lifeclass that Oprah and Joel Osteen are walking through right now. The main take-away is:

Whatever follows "I am" will come looking for you.

So if you say I am ____ (tired)... watch... you will become more tired. If you say you are ugly, you will start to see your own ugliness. Negative and positive affirmations and their power over us are all encapsulated in that small sentence. I LOVE IT!!! It is bathroom mirror worthy!

A few other great quotes:

  • Your words become your destiny.
  • Believe in yourself--when you know God has approved you, you realize, I don't need other people's approval: I have been equipped, empowered, anointed by the Creator of the Universe.
  • You have the power to become the hero of your own life.
  • If you are breathing, God still has a purpose for you.
  • As long as you have breath, someone needs what you have.
  • When you are in peace it is a position of power.