Final Installment of Wedding Photos

The other two series of photos covered the getting ready and ceremony phases of our wedding.  In this final section we get to the good stuff: the pictures in the mountains and the PARRRRRTAAAAAAY! I am not really going to comment on these pictures (shocking, I know), because I just think that they speak for themselves.  I look at these and know that without a doubt it was the best day of my life. So enjoy and again, don't be a turd... if you use them, give credit where credit is due.

treana_lawren_wedding-295 treana_lawren_wedding-312 treana_lawren_wedding-316 treana_lawren_wedding-337treana_lawren_wedding-502 treana_lawren_wedding-348treana_lawren_wedding-372treana_lawren_wedding-378treana_lawren_wedding-391wedding pic 1 treana_lawren_wedding-509 treana_lawren_wedding-512 treana_lawren_wedding-513 treana_lawren_wedding-518 treana_lawren_wedding-532 treana_lawren_wedding-537 treana_lawren_wedding-542 treana_lawren_wedding-504 treana_lawren_wedding-511


treana_lawren_wedding-426 treana_lawren_wedding-429 treana_lawren_wedding-432 treana_lawren_wedding-435 treana_lawren_wedding-437 treana_lawren_wedding-439 treana_lawren_wedding-442

treana_lawren_wedding-454 treana_lawren_wedding-457 treana_lawren_wedding-464 treana_lawren_wedding-466 treana_lawren_wedding-467 treana_lawren_wedding-515 treana_lawren_wedding-538 treana_lawren_wedding-556 treana_lawren_wedding-582 treana_lawren_wedding-589 treana_lawren_wedding-604 treana_lawren_wedding-605 treana_lawren_wedding-611 treana_lawren_wedding-613 treana_lawren_wedding-614 treana_lawren_wedding-617 treana_lawren_wedding-618 treana_lawren_wedding-619 treana_lawren_wedding-621 treana_lawren_wedding-622 treana_lawren_wedding-631 treana_lawren_wedding-633


Wedding Photos: Getting Ready

Today is the day that I begin to share Preston Utley's brilliantness by way of our wedding photos with you all. He photographed our wedding on August 9, 2014 up in Breckenridge and I've never loved anything more. These are the pictures of our day as captured by him, so please... if you pin them or use them, give credit where credit is due. Let's begin with the getting ready goodness. This beauty is my dress by Essence of Australia.



Me and my girls all had robes that I got from Etsy. They wore blue and I got the pink one. treana_lawren_wedding-019 treana_lawren_wedding-020

Here, Sam and I are figuring things out like, how in the world do I get this thing on. You know... the little things.


Ahhhh. Dress is on and I have never felt more beautiful than I did in this moment in this picture right here. One of my top 10 favorites from the day. treana_lawren_wedding-027 My little Aurora flower girl thinks so too. She is sporting one of the adorable flower girl dresses Sam and I ordered from this Etsy shop! treana_lawren_wedding-040

Obviously don't even get me started on these Kate Spade blue shoes. IN LOVE. treana_lawren_wedding-046 treana_lawren_wedding-051 treana_lawren_wedding-054 treana_lawren_wedding-055

Now wait. Who is that handsome devil across the way? My LB. Stud. We rented their suits from Men's Warehouse and had the ties custom made by Knotty Tie Company here in Denver. The suits are from their new Vera Wang line and they looked awesome. treana_lawren_wedding-063 treana_lawren_wedding-065 treana_lawren_wedding-070 treana_lawren_wedding-073Double checking everything was ready to go! treana_lawren_wedding-076 treana_lawren_wedding-079

I love these two shots of my Esther and I. She's just the best person I know. treana_lawren_wedding-081 treana_lawren_wedding-082

Here's my sister, Maddie, all ready to go with our flowers! Shew! She was rescuing us all day that day... with reminders and her personal brand of amazing comedy. treana_lawren_wedding-090There's round one of wedding pictures: the getting ready at the hotel phase. You are hopefully starting to see why my wedding book was 108 pages of sheer awesomeness... Stay tuned next Friday for round 2: The Ceremony!