House Projects On the List

I am hankering to get house projects done. It's a super good time to be doing that since I can't take my arm out of this sling for 8 weeks and winter is around the corner. My timing is impeccable. Regardless of my timing, lists are my thing, and my thing will not be denied. I narrowed it down to the top 6 projects I reeeeeeeeeeeeeally want LB us to do. I'll list the project in bold and then any other thoughts, steps, resources below it. Get it? Got it? Good! (Is that from Full House?)

Board and Batten in Hallway


After seeing this brilliantness on Young House Love a year ago, I have wanted to do it in our hallway. It's cheap and would be a good primer for our crown molding project! If anyone was looking to get us a $60 present and spend a day with us getting us started, this would be the way to go.

Paint Trim and Shutters Outside Black


Enough said. The paint is already purchased and we just either need to do it or hire someone to paint (a crime against DIY laws).

Paint Front Door Screen Black or REMOVE


Since the picture below is what we are going for and we have already painted the front door black, this white and gold screen door isn't really doing it for me. But OOOOOOO, do I like the tall shutters flanking the door in this picture below.... I wonder if the scale would look totally wackadoo on our house.

white house

Remove Wall Between Kitchen and Living Room


I've already posted about getting contractors bids to remove this wall and I am pretty pumped about it. The island we are going to put in its place? Well, it's inspired by two things: the current butcher block rolly cart in the kitchen and Angie and Preston's place.


Crown Molding Throughout All of First Floor


You might have asked yourself, "What crown molding project?" Well, this one is your answer. On the WHOLE first floor. Just look at those bare ceilings. ("TREANA! Make us pretty!!!!!") The walls will not be denied. Again, this YHL tutorial has been my go to. We've already acquired the Kreg Crown Jig (it's about $30) and they only sell it at Lowe's or on Amazon. There's also this option if we want to pump up the crown in certain rooms. We've also got some awesome friends who have a Dewalt Saw. Query: do you think getting the saw and setting it on the dining room table is too obvious? Is there such a thing as too obvious?

Dining Table


Friends. Something needs to be done with this orangey-yellow thing. Katie send me this pin and thinks we should do this for the dining. I am inclined to agree. What are your thoughts? I like the midcentury modern lines of it and it is heavy as snot and could last a good long while, so I don't necessarily want to replace it.

So who wants to come be my house fairy? Should only take you a few weeks... I pay in beer, food, and hugs.

Update: Wedding Projects List

I have been slowly updating this, but wanted to give a full update to the blogosphere! Brace yourselves:

  • Sending paper to momma mary to cut the circles for the photobooth back drop (tripod, clicker, light for photobooth) (DJ Perry Washington is taking care of the light for this and the tent!) Momma mary cut the circles, I am going to try to get Jay to glue them, and Stacey is taking care of the photobooth setup!
  • ALL SIGNAGE (chalkboard, table numbers/city names, guest book, sit wherever, bar signs, sign for sparklers bin, s'more menu, instagram sign)
  • Also need frames for all the signs- 4/1/14: got most of the frames done for this-- just need the sparkler sign to be made into a chalkboard and a GIANT chalkboard for the drinks table.
  • Use giant chalkboard for beer bottle/bar list! We did it!
  • Guest book pen
  • Lawren's Ring, tie & pocket squares for groomsmen, black shoes for LB, socks for the groomsmen and LB Got these ones.
  • Wooden post with arrows signs-- need to cut down the wood pieces again and get them painted.
  • Here comes your girl, wait till you see her signs on wood
  • Ikea cart for s'mores bar: 2/26/14: Got cart & plates for s'more ingredients. Will need to buy these closer to wedding.
  • Doilies & Twine to wrap silverware: Purchased
  • Craft paper and doilies for freeze dried flower cones on chairs. 2/26/14: Done... may need more freeze dried flowers
  • Matches & Sparklers: Just going to do candles!
  • Bin for sparklers (sarah's galvanized pot) and a terra cotta pot with sand for the used sparklers to go into
  • Get CDs copied (already purchased the cases)
  • Bathroom kits (men and women)- LB!
  • Candles for bathroom- LB!
  • Items for welcome bags
  • Duct tape for water bottles: Purchased
  • Wine labels for red and white on tables
  • Wine for tables: Trader Joes
  • Supplies for flavored water and blue lemonade
  • Ikea lanterns for centerpieces: purchased off of craiglist for > 1/2 off!
  • Ikea Lanterns; hung from shepards hooks, burlap hanging down from lantern and then transferred to tables in tent
  • Burlap to hang from lanterns in aisle
  • Electric candles for lanterns
  • Finish wax paper chandelier
  • Banners out of burlap
  • Burlap and Lace table runners for round tables in tent
  • White table cloths for round tables, head table, and cards and gift table.
  • Purchase lace overlays for the cocktail tables post/pre ceremony on the lawn
  • Burlap table runners for the head table, guestbook table, and cards and gift table
  • Decorate flower girl baskets—Katie did it! They used to look like this
  • Decorate welcome bags: Katie did it!!!
  • Buy bike and spray paint—then get basket and fill with fake flowers & welcome sign already made
  • A dresser and paint it blue for the drinks table at the back of the aisle. Decided to do wine barrel tables.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Burlap Pillows—super easy to make me thinks with freezer paper transfer before sewing: momma Mary made
  • Seating chart—found old window- spray primed it thus far-- will sand and spray again-- then add chicken wire and tie the chalkboard name tags to the chicken wire for seating chart/drink label double function!
  • “My beautiful wife” and “My handsome husband” back of chair signs.
  • Napkins (gotta buy fabric and get to sewing on these)
  • Crate coffee table for "lounge area": 11/12/13--purchased crates, stain, and casters.
  • Kites, bags game: Made cornhole boxes, need to cut holes and have katie paint them!
  • Necklaces for bridesmaids
  • Gifts for flower girls, ring bearers, and groomsmen
  • Tulle for tent
  • Bistro lights for lawn
  • Where to put paper lanterns? In saloon!
  • Lights & Mirrors on fishing wire for behind the head table. 2/26/14: Purchased--- need to make.
  • Laundry bags from dollar store for clean up-- dirty linens, napkins, runners
  • Tons of bubble wrap for packing, unpacking and re-packing stuff after wedding
  • Clear storage containers (2) for misc wedding stuff
  • A keep it/Toss it/Give it instruction print out for after wedding
  • Broom, cleaning wipes, dust pan, all-purpose cleaner for any needed cleanups.
  • Who will take what back in their cars? (alcohol (some is going to be able to be returned); breakables; linens; signs; bathroom kits)