Kitchen Renovation: Before and After

Tada! It only took me two weeks longer than I thought it would! So let's go back to a year and 8 months ago to when we bought this little casa. Ahhhh, flesh cabinets, fruit backsplash, red/orange countertops. IMG_5199

We painted the cabinets, did a Rustoleum countertop cover, and redid the backsplash ourselves.


Then, we basically ripped it all out a year and a half later.


And now it looks like this with marble, black granite, a new Moen faucet, and an undermount sink.


The stove area before:


And now!


The nook! Before... that dark poo brown wall was a wall...


And now! The butcher block countertop nook is there instead!


This picture really shows the texture/look of the granite and so I popped it in here. IMG_6188

Anywho, we love our new kitchen and are glad to be done in here. Legitimately, the only thing that is left to do is get a french door fridge. #moneyproblems

How to Remove Grout Haze from Marble

Tiling with marble looks fantastic, but there are a few little tricks you need to know. Namely, seal that stuff once you've got it up on the walls PRIOR to grouting. If you don't seal, the grout will discolor your marble and you'll be angry. sealer

Tip #2: don't try to use a normal grout haze remover product. It will scratch the ISH out of your marble and you'll be sad.


But how to address the grout haze? Ahhh haze. Anytime you tile and grout, a mysterious grout-y haze will be left behind. It looks basically like this:

IMG_6140 IMG_6141

Water will not cut it, and normal grout haze remover will leave it scratched to all get out. After some snooping around on the interwebs, I found this miracle stuff:IMG_6142

You basically spray it on as a foam and miraculously, 30 seconds later, using a microfiber cloth, you wipe it AND the grout haze off of your marble. Leaving it SO HAPPY! (Who knew tiling was such an emotional situation?) The difference is unreal.






Not Hazy:


Now that my tile was haze free, I had to seal it again with that green bottle of goodness up above, as well as address the angry spots on the drywall. Pink Caulk to the rescue!



Sanding and painting followed as well as a furious round of caulking. I am hoping to have a final before and after for y'all by the end of the week! Stay tuned!