Kitchen Renovation: Before and After

Tada! It only took me two weeks longer than I thought it would! So let's go back to a year and 8 months ago to when we bought this little casa. Ahhhh, flesh cabinets, fruit backsplash, red/orange countertops. IMG_5199

We painted the cabinets, did a Rustoleum countertop cover, and redid the backsplash ourselves.


Then, we basically ripped it all out a year and a half later.


And now it looks like this with marble, black granite, a new Moen faucet, and an undermount sink.


The stove area before:


And now!


The nook! Before... that dark poo brown wall was a wall...


And now! The butcher block countertop nook is there instead!


This picture really shows the texture/look of the granite and so I popped it in here. IMG_6188

Anywho, we love our new kitchen and are glad to be done in here. Legitimately, the only thing that is left to do is get a french door fridge. #moneyproblems

Kitchen Renovation: Volume 2

The last y'all heard about our kitchen specifically was when we had the wall removed that separated the kitchen from the living room. And before that, it was when we renovated the kitchen ourselves for about $700. The view from our front door featured our Rustoleum Countertops and our DIY white subway tile with black grout. IMG_5828

As I've mentioned before, the lack of a pattern/knowledge of what in the world we were doing with the backsplash led it to look pretty janky.


So before we replaced our linoleum turned Rustoleum countertops with granite, we got busy removing the subway tile. And by "we" I mean LB.

IMG_6121 IMG_6123 IMG_6125

The next day the granite guys showed up to do the template and a week later they were back with our dark grey granite in tow. It is shocking how much this granite looks from a distance like our old countertops. The functionality, feel, and look of it closer up, however, are completely different... in the best way possible.


As part of the granite install, we also got a bigger, deeper sink and a new faucet that I LOVE.


The day after the granite was in, we had the marble tile backsplash installed. We went with this marble which was only $6.86/ square foot. It cost us roughly $300 to do our entire backplash with marble. WAY cheaper than I had originally assumed.


OH! And at the same time the marble was going up, we had the crown molding painted (it was just primed before).Our house, for over a week at this point, was a total disaster zone:

IMG_6136 IMG_6137

But here is a sneak peek at what the granite with the marble look like all married together. This was before I did a round of my newly discovered haze removing technique for marble (stay tuned for a post on that tomorrow), and before I did the spackling and sanding and painting on the walls.


So stay tuned for a full before and after kitchen post and just be excited that our kitchen is basically done. (I am dreaming of you, french door fridge).