I have waited a good long while to post these pictures because I just couldn't pick a few that I liked. I loved this day in the fields. It all started when we pulled off of the freeway to check out this farm. After futzing around here for a while, LB noticed a super low flying plane off in the distance. IMG_0865 IMG_0866 IMG_0873IMG_0867 IMG_0869 IMG_0882

Check out how cool the cobweb looks on this wire...

IMG_0871IMG_0885 IMG_0891

There is something about going from a single blade of grass like this to the desolate field below. That's how things go, I think. Feast, famine. Ups, downs. But there is always a circle, a rhythm a consistency in the inconsistency.

IMG_0894 IMG_0898

As we drove down the road towards the plane, a guy pulled along side us and said, "Oh if you take a right up there you can see him doing some work over Jim's field." Right. Jim's field. On it.

The pilot then put on a show for us. Once he spotted me out with my camera, he started dive bombing right at us. It was incredible. My favorite of these pictures I did not post here because I am going to post in my Etsy store soon-ish. I think it would look great framed in a ton of people's houses. Especially mine. :)

Slide2 Slide3 Slide4 Slide5

I like to think that he is giving us a thumbs up in this picture.



Getting some of these pictures of this plane really made me start to love photography. I just can't express how fun it was to see the shots all lined up and scroll through the photos to see the plane dive bombing at us over and over again. I loved it.

Food Trucks: Austin Part 3

*Check out part 1 (the surprise) and part 2 (house stalking). I knew that I was gonna like Austin, but the food truck scene made me love it. They have these little spots with 5 or 6 food trucks all over the city and they're pretty sweet. For this round, we stopped in south Austin to get breakfast tacos before Andy headed back to Houston. But we start this food truck adventure with DONUTS!

I am partaking in a little false advertising with this Gourdough's Donut Streamliner, because I didn't actually eat them. They are loaded with dairy and we were about to be in the car for 14 hours-- you do the math. But how adorable is this little truck? Also, over 1,000 people on yelp just can't be wrong. 20140606-090943-32983167.jpg

LB got super thirsty after finding the food truck "trailer park"... and clearly, super excited too. 20140606-090942-32982471.jpg


20140606-090941-32981030.jpg And then LB magically flew over Andy off of one leg to pick lint off of his best bro (doesn't he look like he is gearing up for flight?).


The boys were as happy as two boys who just had delicious breakfast tacos are bound to be (read: THRILLED). (Please note the oblivious grumpy old man on the bench. He makes me laugh) 20140606-090939-32979624.jpg I was already entering my "Andy is leaving" sad phase (it's clinical: AILSP. Look it up), when I spotted this random little resturant amidst all the food truck glory. There is something about the color that just makes me wanna smile. 20140606-090943-32983883.jpg

And then we hit the road. We jammed out to Mumford (typical), Need to Breathe, some old school 80s hair band jams, Bruce Springsteen, and Howard Stern. We ate In 'n Out in the middle of a Texas strip mall. Stopped in OKC to see my favorite tree and to say hi to the boys from TNT. Cruised into Witchita, Kansas where we scored a Hyatt for $70. In the lobby of the hotel that night I unknowingly tore my labrum in my shoulder. I say unknowingly despite the fact that the pain dropped me to the floor. It didn't matter though because even through my AILSP, and the physical pain in my shoulder, when LB pulled off the freeway outside of Witchita the next day I got the best shots I probably will ever take.

Just as a teaser, y'all can gander at this picture of a little barn somewhere in Oklahoma that I snapped from the car. 20140606-090944-32984658.jpg

Do you suffer from your own version of AILSP? I also get EILSP (Esther is leaving sad phase) big time.

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