My New Job

Today I went to my new job to visit and meet everyone in the office. I have never been more excited to get my actual career started. It's amazing how much people's energy just changes the entire dynamic of a workplace. You have no idea the financial and schedule freedom that is inherent in this job of mine. I also get the chance to spend a lot of time in DC if I so choose.Most importantly, I feel like this is a forever job- a job that is right where I want to be at exactly the right time. Bundles and rays of light are headed to the heavens in thanks. I am so blessed. I am also the example of how hard work can meet opportunity at just the right time.

Dream Job

Today I got the phone call that I had convinced myself was never going to come: I got offered a job where I will be working with regulating national banks. In three years I have literally tripled my starting salary and will be doing work that is challenging and will help me grow as a lawyer and a person. It feels like I won the lottery and that my dreams are coming true... and that is because they are. I am so grateful and overwhelmed by the fact that over a thousand people competed for this job nationwide and I got it. They picked me. They believed in me and are giving me a chance to shine. It just doesn't seem real and I don't know when it will. I really feel relief and gratefulness. Sheer gratefulness.