Lyla's Seven Month Pictures

We just got Lyla's pictures from her 7 month photo shoot with our dear Angie (it was supposed to be her six month pictures, but with moving crazy and timing, it became her 7 month birthday before we knew it). We just love that she captured our happy girl's spirit so well. I don't typically share a lot of pictures of Lyla on here, but these are just such a great snapshot of where our family is at these days, that I decided to share some of my favorites. 

*Please credit the source if you share them. :)


As of today (at almost 8 months) Lyla is essentially crawling, gabbing up a storm, and eating baby food like it's going out of style. She is such a happy and content little peanut and we are so enjoying watching her grow up every day. She's amazing. 

If you are in the greater Denver metro area and in need of family photos, get ahold of Angie ASAP. Mean it.