Monday Musings 004

We are in the thick of building Ikea furniture, Overstock furniture, Wayfair furniture, ordering replacement legs for all the Ikea stuff and just generally attempting to bring some order to the chaos, room by room. It is slow and frustrating work for both of us, but we are getting there. S L O W L Y.  

Regardless of the at home crazy, here are some things I am digging:

Chris and Julia are building an outdoor fireplace... themselves. 

I like looking at these "trend reports" because even though I don't try to follow trends in any way (I just like what I like, you know?), I see so many of these trends popping up in my decor decisions for the new house. I am not sure if that makes me excited or nervous. LOL

I need to learn to measure before purchasing. Turns out that 11 inch legs on a bar cabinet, makes it so that the toddlers can drink the alcohol, but the adults cannot. Here's hoping these 22 inchers make a difference. PSSSST: I will be doing a post soon, promise, on how easy it is to put these legs on most Ikea furniture. So easy that I don't think calling it a hack is even fair. 

Speaking of the bar, I am searching for an inexpensive coffee table for the bar room. Contenders are this one, this, this, this and this. My favorite thus far is this bad boy:

We just ordered a bunch of bilingual books for Lyla. I am definitely not anywhere close to fluent, but would like to at least expose her to some Spanish words as early as possible. Here are the ones we got:

There are lots of good house previews happening on the daily on Snapchat, so be sure to follow me over there. 

Gilmore Girls has a release date for the revival. It is the day after Thanksgiving. I think my heart might explode. Also, if you are even remotely excited for the return of Gilmore, you gotta listen to Gilmore Guys. Their podcast makes me smile and has been a lighthearted education on Hollywood in an odd way. It's just good y'all.  

No matter your political persuasion, this speech by the WOMAN herself, Michelle Obama, gave me all the feels. #girlpower. Also, those bangs are on point.