Monday Musings 007

Big News: this week I am giving you current snapshots of the house as it is as well as a full before tour. We are still working away on getting furniture and art into place. Furnishing your house is fun... until you have to do the whole thing and you treat every furniture decision like the end of the world. 

I can feel summer slipping away and I am none too pleased by it. All you people who love fall, yes I hear you. I like it too. But let us never forget that fall signals that #WINTERISCOMING. I am not down with winter y'all. Not at all. I want my yard to look like this year round (it sort of will with the turf and all, but the flowers that someone else planted and I haven't killed yet: I want those to stay!):


If you aren't following Kaitlyn Bristowe on Snapchat, you are missing out on at least one good belly laugh a day. Without a doubt. 

Kind of in love with these movie posters

Want to buy this coffee table for the bar room, but will need to wait until travel is done for the fall... budget problems. 

Am probably going to get this side table for the living room... just gotta get the big blue chair in.