Monday Musings 006

The Olympics. I always think that I am not going to care about them until they are here and I get sucked in. I am, however, SUPER annoyed at NBC's crap coverage (how do you not show all of the women's gymnastics finals?!?). 

Lyla is now on a mission to stand up... she pulls herself to standing at every possible opportunity and I'd like it to stop. Immediately. IT'S TOO SOON!!!!

I ordered this chair from Macy's after I decided to rework our entire plan for the living room. Turns out the room is much larger than I am used to and so my original thought on layout would have looked... well... wonky. I hope that the chair is as comfy as it may seem. 

I genuinely am concerned for Amanda's lips/mouth on Bachelor in Paradise as well as Josh's sounds. It's.... creepy. 

My favorite website right now is FiveThirtyEight. FiveThirtyEight uses statistical analysis, like actual numbers, to talk about all sorts of things. Politics included. IT IS FASCINATING!!! Go peruse. 

Also, I just bought this mushroom stuff to put in my shakes and it is awesome. Can barely taste it. They say it is good for you. And by "they," I mean my mom.