Things Our 6 Month Old Is Into

Friends. We're back. We're on Squarespace. It's all so exciting. Before I hit you with all of the craziness that is waiting around the corner (OUR NEW HOUSE!), I figured I'd do a post about what Lyla is digging these days. Brace yourselves: I wasn't prepared for all the post-newborn stuff that would make our lives so much easier!


We don't have this exact bouncer, but Lyla LOVES her bouncer that we are borrowing from Belle. These things are ugly, big, and there is no where to hide them. But such are the sacrifices with babies. Per Auntie Peek, we limit her to about 2, 20-minute stretches a day in this thing (#thehips). She loves it. 



The Boppy that I had borrowed from a friend was recalled and I was discovering why that was the case when Lyla would arch over the back of it and almost flip out. This one is much better... just don't waste your money on the activity tray... my hulk baby rips it off every single time. 


High Chair

No. We didn't spend $250 on this thing. We got it on craigslist, but so far, it's great for feeding times. 


Treana. You have a favorite spoon?!? Yes. Yes we do. Well, Lyla does and it is these bad boys that feel so good on her gummie gums. 


Food Storage 

It is a toss up between these two types of containers for food storage. The OXO blocks are the best for fridge consumption stuff and the Kiddo Feedo dealios are great for freezing and re-heating (SWEET POTATOES FOR THE WIN!). 

Food Maker

Now listen. Did we need this thing? No. Has it simplified our lives? YES times 9 million. It steams and purees in one container. It's awesome and brainless. We have a Vitamix and I thought that that would work great, but it turns out that babies don't eat very much in terms of quantity. (WHO KNEW?). 



SHE LOVES these ones. Anything Eric Carle, momma loves. 



Do not find yourselves at 3 months without these three essentials. Lyla cut her first tooth at 5 months and we've been clinging to these like Rose and Jack. 

Misc. Toys

I wish I would have bought this toy before buying any others. THEY ARE AWESOME. Belle (20 months) loves them too so they'll be in rotation for a good long while. 

A more hefty toy for the strong babies. 

Milk Saver

I am angry that I didn't start using this from the beginning with Lyla. I get to save about 4 ounces a day when I am with her feeding her exclusively from the boob with this thing. That would have made a huge difference with our breast milk stash.  


Sleep Suit

Won't leave home without it. Period. It's the best transition guy from the swaddle to no swaddle. Lord only knows what we will do when she outgrows the suit! shudder. 


Swim Suit

A friend of mine from college started SwimZip and so I picked one of these cute things up for the girl. 50 SPF built in? Done. 

That's all I've got for now. Momma friends: what fun things does Lyla need for the next six months? We're loving this phase and that includes buying all the things that can make life easier for us and for Lyla's nanny.