Sixteen Weeks: Baby is the Size of an Avocado

16 weeks Le sigh.

Let's dive into an update:

How I’m Feeling: Generally, OK... when I get good sleep. But feeling like crap about my appearance. There is no pregnant glow over here. My skin has rebelled against this pregnancy: I have never been broken out this bad. I am not bumpin' enough to really embrace the "whole rock your bump" thing yet and so everything I am wearing makes me just feel bloated beyond belief. My already quite thick hair, is falling out like crazy still, but my nails appear to be a tad stronger. All in all, I am feeling pretty blah body-wise currently. This pregnancy thing is hard.

Belly/Weight: Just bloated really. I feel pregnant – but I know I just look like I ate a giant burger. My breasts are also driving me CRAY and I hate wearing a bra more than ever because none of them fit. Also, just a QQ for God: why do my boobs need to be ready to breast feed by the end of the second trimester? That just seems unnecessary!

Life Changes: We are down to a rental car only. My beloved, wonderful, gem of a car, the Saturn got flooded two weeks ago in the rainstorms and is a total loss. Insurance is giving us a nice payout for it and we have a rental car currently. We also sold the beast of a truck on Saturday! YAY! I was just so uncomfortable driving it that with baby on the way, it wasn't going to work as a family car. After we sold it, LB said, "Well, we tried."

LB has been driving himself (cough and me cough) crazy trying to figure out replacements that I will sign off on. I'll be glad once the car thing is all settled and handled.


Movement: Nada. Although, the other night LB was rubbing my foot and I felt an odd flutter. VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRY easily could have been gas.

Sleep: LB and I had a great weekend, but I slept like crap on Sunday. LB's snoring is SO LOUD that he has kindly taken to the couch a lot recently. He also has been staying up a lot later than I. So, between the waking me up when he comes to bed and the snoring wake-ups, it's been tough. But I hate that he's been relegated to the couch. And don't worry: I already sleep with earplugs.  The good news? My giant pregnancy pillow should be here this week!

body pillow

Cravings: Donuts. Fruit. Juice. Give me all the sweets please.

Exercise: Walking! I haven’t wanted or had the energy to do basically anything exercise wise. So after we sold the truck, LB let me use part of the money we got back to get a FitBit HR. It will monitor my heart-rate, sleep, steps, and all that good stuff. So far, so good! I walked 3 miles yesterday and felt pretty good.


Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week: Making up hilarious baby names over dinner before our second movie date of the weekend! Think: Chandeliar and Jamiqua (pronounced Jamica).

On My Mind: Every time I come across a countdown of how many days or weeks are left till baby is here, I FREAK out. We have done ZERO to actually prepare for this baby. Here is a list of things that need to get done/we’d REALLY like to get done before baby comes:

  • Cars that we both like and are safe enough for baby.
  • Basically gut my office and combine them.
  • Clear out the gym room and start to make into baby's room
  • Get the granite and backsplash done in the kitchen
  • Gut and remodel the bathroom upstairs
  • Buy/borrow ALL OF THE THINGS for a first time baby
  • Birthing classes
  • Meeting with doula twice
  • Read all of the books
  • Pick out names
  • Schedule visitors and deliver the "bad news" that they need to have had a whooping cough and flu vaccine before seeing baby in the winter. Also, if they've been sick within a month of visiting... it's a no visit zone. I DO NOT want my baby getting RSV (oh the joys of a winter bundle).