It's Going Down...

I'm yelling timberrrrrrrrr! Did you ever doubt the lead-in for this post? I certainly didn't. IMG_2020

















The pine tree in the front of our yard and the stumps around it are GONE! We've been planning to get rid of this tree since the summer and I'm so glad we did it after saving our pennies for a few months.


Front Yard- Left of House Front Yard- Left of House


















The morning of the take-down, the tree had no idea what was coming for it. The yard is a hot mess so you'll just have to deal with it.



















You can click on this link and it will give you a great visual of the size of the tree via this new technology called video: MVI_3294

After the top was cut off, she was looking like so...


























The tree was mostly dead according to our tree guys so I am glad that she is now somewhere else providing warmth or furniture or whatever somewhere else. I certainly won't miss her pines.

Front Yard- Left of House















  I am loving how open it is now. We are thinking of paving it all the way back to the shed in the back yard to create more parking.  I also think that we are at the point of bringing in a landscape designer and giving us some ideas. What are your thoughts/ideas?