Thank You

I have tried to express my gratitude for all of the things at all of the times in my life in all of the ways. But sometimes, there aren't enough words or quotes or sayings to really express gratitude. There are certainly not enough words to encapsulate how special our wedding day was and how grateful we are to everyone that helped us, made stuff, gave us beautiful pictures, showed up, gave us gifts, sent us prayers, read this blog, followed our wedding on instagram, and loved on us that day. As excited as I am that the thank you cards are finally here, they somehow still feel flat (not a pun). They feel not enough. But that is the thing about living from a space of gratitude: you are never done giving thanks and thus, the feeling that it is not enough is normal. There is no box to check off for the day/month/year. It's a continual process, this giving thanks business. So, you. You know who you are. Thank you. Thank you oh so very much.