Camera Bling: Artisan Obscura and Preston Utley

I don't know a lot about a lot. But I do know these three things about photography:

  1. I like taking, keeping, sharing, printing, hanging, looking at, and enjoying pictures.
  2. I am NOT an artist or a photographer (let me reiterate: I just LIKE taking pictures).
  3. Preston Utley is a genuis photographer artist.

I am not saying that there aren't other good photographers out there. In fact, there are tons of incredible picture taking people. But in our world, in our lives, Preston beautifully captured everything about us that means anything in life on our wedding day. This gets him epic status for life and this status will probably get him into the hottest clubs around the world too. #checktheepicstatus.

Preston also happens to be half of a "side business" (I say "side" because it consumes a ton of his time) that makes beautiful buttons for people who love beautiful cameras (the people are probably beautiful too).  Camera bling, if you will. Here's what Artisan Obscura says is their mission:

We here at, Artisan Obscura, are all about falling in love with photography, specifically, ones camera.

Our goal is to create products that serve both form and function. Products that exude your passion for photography and make you fall ever deeper in love with the medium. Shutter buttons that increase the functionality of your camera, by heightening the shutter action; and (soon to come) Hot-Shoe covers that protect the delicate electronic components. By using the choicest materials we can merge all the function you need with unparalleled style and class.

I presumed that only the fanciest pants camera folks (aka, not me) could use the camera bling, but I WAS WRONG. Artisan Obscura is now making buttons for lowly camera owning folks like me!

I ordered the day after this revelation. And then this gorgeous box of packaging goodness showed up. I have a THING (a serious thing) for packaging. If you take your time and do it beautifully, it stays with you. Case in point:

IMG_2045 IMG_2050 IMG_2048

I got the hot shoe cover and the sticky shutter release button because my camera is not fancy and you can't replace the shutter button with a whole button like the other fanciest cameras can (that sentence made no sense). Whatever, look how fancy my camera is now!


I also like having the bigger shutter button and it fits incredibly well around my trigger happy little finger. #ohthesmallthings

Funnily enough, the same day my camera bling arrived, our box of joy showed up from Preston as well.



He must have printed about 100 4x6s and put them in this box along with the most amazing looking USB I have ever seen. IMG_2058

Business folks take note (especially those that are in creative lines of business): packaging is EVERYTHING. Being a genuis doesn't hurt either.