My Garden is a Failure

Alas. I failed. I warned all of you that I was no green thumb. That gardening is something I have never done before and that I was just sort of winging it. Back in April, I got these tomato plants from Whole Foods... IMG_0337

And they did well in my window! Growing and looking mighty fine. And then I planted them in a spot in my garden I had never been through a summer with previously. I had no idea how much the trees and shrubs in my backyard would shade these bad boys.

My backyard garden spot started out like this and I was oh, so optimistic. LOOK at all the sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



AND LOOK. Back in June... a PEPPER! (Yeah, yeah, it got eaten by a bird before I could get it, but food! In my garden. Said bird jerk is also the reason for the black netting that got put over everything.)


The tomato plants GOT HUGE (height wise) but here we are... September and not a SINGLE SOLITARY tomato has ripened enough to eat. Not one. See those little bastards in there? All green and plump. And yeah... this picture is dark... because that is how the rest of this summer has been: dark, stormy, CRAPPY.


Everything just got WAY overgrown. The tomato plants totally took over and even further shaded everything around/next to/behind them. You can also see in the picture below that the strawberries have failed as well. Yes, there is red ... but the berries are the size of my pinky nail. No joke.


You see, everyone tried to tell me that because this was the wettest and coolest Colorado summer, my garden never had a fighting chance. AND YET, at work, a gal canned something like 309485094 jars of tomatoes from her Denver garden.  Maybe not that many, BUT COME ON.

And don't even get me started on the peppers... well they are still hanging around, but are also just WAY too small to do anything with.


So, this is now the "plan." I am taking everything OUT of this back garden spot. Next spring, I will plant everything up front, next to the house and use some sort of raised bed action.


I am actually thinking of getting rid of the red brick up front and doing raised cedar beds "along" the house. Or, once we take out the pine tree along the left side of the house, do raised beds along there. I also am thinking of hiring a landscape architect to tell me what to do and then doing it myself. I am also thinking that I never want to garden again and will just go broke buying food at the farmer's markets.  Any thoughts on what to do bloggy buddy gardeners?