Wedding Procrastinating: My New Hobby

People who know me or went to law school with me or have read this blog for a while are going to laugh at this next sentence: I am totally procrastinating. I have so many things on the wedding to-do list and I am just not doing them. Instead it goes like this:


I think I will go to Michael's after work today and get all of the ribbon and frames that I need to finish up these last few projects. Won't it feel so good getting that stuff off of my to-do list? Yes! It totally will. OH! I have to workout tonight and go to dinner with friends? Bummer. I'll go to Michael's tomorrow.


Today I am going to Michael's. It has to happen. It is happening. I need to get this stuff done. OH! Peek's baby shower is at our house on Saturday?!? That happened fast! Sam is gonna come over and help me make stuff? OK! Tomorrow. Michael's. It's happening.

The Next Tomorrow:

What do I have against Michael's? It's not like they are Hobby Lobby. Get it together. What's that? This Friday that I have off I have a dress fitting at 10, Costco run for Peek's shower, a pool date, and facial at 4? Uhhhhh. When exactly am I going to have time to Michael's and think about what ribbons I need for which things? Definitely not tonight... after the day at work I've had. No way. Tomorrow. I WILL go tomorrow.

The Next, Next Tomorrow:

This is just ridiculous. I need to just freaking go to Michael's. Maybe I can send LB... well, he sucks at all things craft related and won't do it right. Ugh. Why are guys so terrible at helping with weddings? I give him 3 things to do and he REFUSES to do them when I tell him to. Ugh. What did I need to do after work today???? Workout. It was definitely that I needed to work out cause there is no way I am running another errand after work for this wedding this week. The last two days I have already done SO MUCH.

And here we are... Michael's-less and ribbon-less. The procrastination is stressing me out... (so stop procrastinating says the wise Treana voice... Channel that inner Harry Potter).