What is Family?

I don’t care about whose DNA has recombined with whose. When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching they are your family. Jim Butcher

This quote is my life motto. I do think that in older times, the saying that "Blood is thicker than water" was absolutely true; people were more isolated and more dependent upon their families to provide for basic needs (clothing, shelter, food). But as the world has evolved, I like to believe that most people's conceptions of family have gotten bigger.

Case-in-point: LB's mom, the fabulous momma Mary, asked me the other day if I wanted her to make invites for Peek and Adam's baby shower here in Denver. I was able to find invites that I didn't make (bad blogger), but she asked me: "Don't you have enough going on right now?"

My response: "We are their family here in Denver. Of course we are throwing them a shower."

Momma Mary has always noted how luck LB and I are with our group of friends here and all over the place. It's just the way I have always been with my people: fully invested, fully committed, and fully willing to show up with all of my ugly baggage.  This doesn't make me the perfect friend; in fact, quite the opposite is true. I acknowledge that I am tough to love because I can have an overwhelming (if not suffocating) personality at times. I tend to burst into friendships with abandon and end up disappointed when not reciprocated. I've gotten better at this due to the sheer act of being almost 30 29. :)

Here's my simple truth for this Saturday where I am admittedly STUFFING MY FACE IN AUSTIN TEXAS: my friends & LB are the people who stand by me without flinching. Without asking what is in it for them. Because of them, I know what family is. *Fun fact: as you are reading this, LB will have gotten the surprise of his life while we are in Texas this weekend picking up a truck. The person who surprised him is easily LB's favorite human on the planet (he even beats me out)... and is most definitely FAMILY (in all caps and everything).