Amazon's Flash Sales/Lightning Deals: FAIL errrr... Back to victory!

Fun Fact: Amazon does flash sales that are insane... I mean it. I was reviewing our registry late last week to make sure that everything was updated when I posted my wedding technology post. I saw that the price on the camera we had registered for (we legit just have our iphones for photos) was blank. Curious, I hopped over to Amazon and saw that this camera (Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera): camera

Was discounted to... Drum roll... $100  !!!  Let that sink in... $100.

No joke. It is getting shipped today and if it shows up as something that is a) functional and b) not an April Fool's Joke, I will be floored.


That was the end of my original post on this camera situation. Since then, Amazon sent me a curt email notifying me that they had screwed up on their pricing, had held the money from my bank account for 5 days, and now is cancelling my order.  I will be contacting them later today to see how they are going to make this right. FAILURE!


The SAGA continues:

Still super bumming about not getting my camera, I gave them feedback saying that they had failed in their customer service abilities. Once I informed them about their failures, they asked if they could call me. Sure, why not. My phone lit up immediately and the kind man on the other end tried to explain that they could not match that price because it was being sold by a vendor and not by Amazon. I said that I understood, but the problem was that Amazon had taken money out of my account for 5 days with narry a remedy. He offered a $100 credit. I said, ok, I guess that will work.

I was still a little peeved, but felt that $100 was better than nothing. After about 2 minutes of being on hold he came back and said the sweetest words I've ever heard:

I am sorry for the inconvience, and I understand your frustration. Are you willing to work with me to find a replacement camera? It won't be the same, but how does this one work? If the one I am placing in your cart works, I will do it for $100.

I tried to play it cool, but couldn't. As I got all excited he placed a $600 camera (basically the one in the picture without the kit and the extra telephoto lense) into my cart and told me to checkout at the full price. Once I did, he changed the price of the camera to $100!!!


He did note that this was a one-time thing, but I still feel as though if you are going to advertise a price, a person pays that price, and you fail to deliver, it is on you (BIG GIANT CORPORATION) to make it right... And make it right they did!