How to Use Technology for Your Wedding

Being a solid 4 months out from this shindig (EEEEK!), I have discovered the importance of using technology to work for you and, more importantly, to inform your guests.20140327-092127.jpg

We are basically having a destination wedding up in Breckenridge and so are attempting to coordinate and organize it as such. My top tips for organization with a touch of technology are:

1. Get a legit and information-filled wedding website. Ours is I used to build it and I think it is adorable. Throughout this planning process I have updated it continually and recently added the day of timeline to the wedding page. On this site we have our engagement story, photos, and registry information.  Most importantly though, we have two entire pages dedicated to the logistics of the weekend. In fact, just check out the lodging and logistics page for more information.

2. Use or something similar for your registry. We definitely did the traditional go into Macy's and register thing, but after buying the house we realized, that we needed a lawn mower and a paint sprayer more than we needed a rolling pin. Our registry is here and you will see that we've got furniture, light fixtures, and even chalk paint on that bad boy. Myregistry allows you to add ANYTHING from ANYWHERE on the internet to your registry. People obviously still have the option to go into Macy's to buy us something, but I much prefer to see everything on one page. (*The only negative with is that our container store registry did not link up with it. But it's still only two websites as opposed to the about 7ish that we registered for stuff from).

3. BLOG! I use this blog to keep the mommas and friends informed on what we are up to instead of having them consistently ask and/or me feel pressured to come up with something original to catch them up on. My brain is going about 9832457203984572094587 miles a minute in 5 different distinct directions (wedding, house, LB, friends, work) at all times and so trying to remember who I told what about any of those segments is, well, tough. (So, yeah... I am lazy). I also LOVE lists and have posted my wedding projects list on this blog. I like it because if I am out and about I can access the list/this blog from anywhere.

4. The obvious- pinterest. But I do caution that my use of pinterest has become MUCH more deliberate/organized. I started with one large wedding board and realized that if I really wanted to impliment things, they needed to go on a secret/separate board for each part of the wedding. If you look here you will see that I have broken out reception, flowers, ceremony, what to wear, wedding DIY, and paper goods. I also have two secret boards that are "A Final Cut" (so that it is at the top of my board choices when I pin) and "Actual Wedding". If something moves from a final cut to actual wedding it is because I bought/made/decided/rented that thing.  This way when I look at a final cut, I sort of know what I have left to do. That in conjunction with the list of projects on my blog has been very helpful.

5. Good ol fashioned Microsoft word. I made a 3x2 chart that lists out each area of the wedding: photobooth, ceremony chairs, tables behind chairs, gift table, head table, bar, lounge area, s'mores, etc. In each of those boxes I listed EVERY item that needed to go in that place. So the list for the guest book table looks like this (if something still needs to be done I mark it with an *) :

  • Pick nick table with guestbook and 2 guestbook pens
  • Guestbook instruction sign in frame
  • Card suitcase
  • Burlap with lace runner
  • Instagram sign 8x10
  • Move the cards and guestbook to gift table inside after/during cocktail hour


I also have a calendar in word that lists the amount from each paycheck that goes into my wedding account and where that money is delegated to. I did this at the very beginning so that I could make sure everything would be paid for.

6. Etsy! Etsy allows you to keep things in your shopping cart as you shop... and it keeps all your special notes the sellers in there too. I am currently ordering the weekend itinerary and will share once it is done.

So what about you? How are you organizing your wedding planning?